The Unfair Divide

Outdated social stigmas have created a societal one-sidedness in regards to pick-up lines. These taboos are responsible for the fact that women are the primary recipients of these one line approaches. Fortunately, humanity is evolving, and this is generating the perception of equality when it comes to flirtatious interactions; however, the male repertoire of lascivious advances has had more time to accumulate. Girls are still catching up, but this overview will expedite the process for ladies that want to know how to salaciously approach guys. A cheesy pick-up line makes an ostentatiously sexy woman appear endearingly down to earth, and vice-versa.

Physical Cues

A Guide to Cheesy Pick Up Lines for Girls

Traditionally, men have been considered to be more forward in their pursuits of romantic endeavors. This means that girls have naturally acquired a more receptive demeanor when it comes to mating. This means that men could rely on verbal initiatives, whereas women would court advances through subtle gestures of body language. Even though modern times facilitate approaches from both genders, it is important to remember these primal roots. Ladies will have much more luck with their pick-up lines if they incorporate a sensual physicality into their attitude. If a man is originally oblivious to a pick-up attempt, providing an unexpectedly close proximity of the bosom or backside can easily help enforce the message. A sly wink is also commonly used as a mating signal.

Proper Clothing

Unilaterally, appearance is always the first distinguishing factor that backs up a pick-up line. It is crucially important for women to dress up for the occasion if they hope to make an enticing impression. Suggestive clothing can be a useful ally, but girls should remember the necessity of a good tease before revealing everything up front. Guys that may feel intimidated by having the dominant position of conducting the approach usurped from them will have their anxiety quelled by a ladylike presentation. A delicate ensemble will make it seem like this is not something she does every night, even if it is.

Different Types of Lines

It is important for girls to specifically craft the language of their pick-up line to imply exactly what they desire; otherwise, they may inadvertently make inappropriate remarks that can cause overly lewd expectations to formulate in the mind of the receiver. Certain statements specifically conjure imagery of an erotic one-night stand, which can be disappointing if the lady was hoping for a long-term relationship. Oppositely, if a girl is only searching for a sexual encounter, it can be aggravating when a guy misconstrues the advance for an overtly polite gentlemanly date. To avoid any communication mishaps, women should carefully fine-tune their pick-up lines based on the mood of their evening.

Examples for Dating

Cheesy Pick Up Lines for Girls

“Did you hear about how the penguin broke the ice? It just did it for you and me.”

“You must have come from Tennessee, because you are the only ten I see around here.”

“My girlfriends bet me that I couldn’t strike up a conversation with the most attractive guy here, so we should buy some drinks with their money.”

“I’m lost and I need directions. Do you know how I could find my way into your heart?”

“You’re so hot; I tripped and fell while staring at you. I need to collect your name and number so I can report this to my insurance.”

“Are you currently accepting applications for a girlfriend?”

Examples for Liaisons

“You look like a hard working employee. I have just the position for you to fill.”

“I’m quitting cigarettes. I was hoping you could give me something else to do with my mouth in the meantime.”

“Here is my I.D. card. That way you don’t have to ask to see it later.”

“Is my dress staying on alright? Oh, it is? That’s too bad; you should come help me fix it.”

“You might not be great at sports, but you can score with me anytime.”

“If you give me a ride in your sports car, I will give you a ride all night.”

Examples for Never

“You are so handsome; it made me forget my pick-up line.”

“Give me your name so I know what to scream tonight.”

“I can cream any size banana if you can pop a really small cherry.”

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