Justice Prevails!

Think nice guys finish last? Think again, buster. Take a look at what’s below. It’s all pure poetic justice – or at least humorous justice!

Watch, as the bad guys get their due and the good guys put them in their place.  Vigilante justice or just Karma?  What are your thoughts?  Have other favorite “get what’s coming to them videos?”  Submit a comment below!

71 year old man w/ concealed carry dominates armed robbers.

I see the guy’s always prepared. He didn’t get to be 71 by going around unarmed!

Indonesian man eaten by pet dogs after starving them


He should have known dogs don’t put up with much. You have to leave them at least ten pounds of ground chuck or they get mean.

Texas Church Explodes on Would-Be Thieves

That deacon looks awfully pleased. “Oh man! Wow! Did you see that?” the he says. “He blew up!… Whether it was the Lord smackin’ him – who knows?” So much for Christian charity. All they wanted was the copper. The sign says the church was “built on the word of God”. With utilities included, I guess.


Five teens arrested in Forest nativity scene heist


Is this what religious extremism leads to? Why didn’t they just take a picture while they were there and leave the stuff? They certainly couldn’t have passed for the three wise men!

Two men on a motorcycle snatch a woman’s purse. JusticePorn at its Best

Did you see the woman chase him after he grabs her purse? Then when the crowd chases him he hits a car and some guy beats him with a chair!”

You wanna get knocked out right now?”… gets beat down!

The dope is looking for more at the end of the video! When will he learn?

That is what you get for bullying

It’s always smart to tie your shoe first! Watch him toss the bully over his shoulder!

Instant karma for car thief

Couldn’t he see it was a police car? That loser even totaled the car!

Guy knocks out 7 thugs who try to bully him to move


He must’ve been on the neighborhood watch. That’ll show those bureaucrats!

School bully gets his ass handed to him.

The guy was smart to take off the backpack! He doesn’t look intimidated – in fact he laughs! Then he tosses the jerk on the floor twice!

Bully gets K.O.ed

He shouldn’t smoke so much… He could start a fire… or even get cancer!

So the next time the devil tempts you… don’t give in! Karma takes over sooner than you think! We all get what we deserve – sometimes, at least.

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