The story goes that sometime during 1981 a global phenomenon began where children started daring one another to run out into traffic and try to avoid being hit. While this may or may not be true it may be no coincidence that a company in Japan produced a video game called Frogger; while based similarly to road kill it was a little frog trying to dodge traffic rather than kids.

This game caught on quickly and you can now play Frogger online where you have to safely get 5 little frogs across roads and rivers so that they each make it to their own little lily pad homes. Lots of obstacles will appear; you could be hit by a car, eaten by one of the crocodiles or drown in the river. So, if you are looking for a play to play a Frogger online game listed below are some sites that you may want to check out.

You can find Frogger online at Neave games, they will make you state that you understand it is actually an unofficial clone of the original game but it is a fun game just the same as you are still given 5 frogs to get across the road and river.

DFG (Download Free Games) is another site where you can play the Frogger online game; the graphics are a little outdated, but the road appears easier to cross than most. You are still given 5 frogs to get across and if you review the game they will enter you in a chance to win full version games.

You can also play Frogger online at Online Games Zone (they have tons of other games also); where you do not have to download anything you just play it in your Internet browser. It works basically the same as the others, use left and right arrow keys to make him turn and the down and up keys to make him jump.

Now for a different twist try playing Frogger online in 3D; check out and try to avoid hitting any cars and don’t fall into the water. Stay away from the snakes and crocodiles as you try to get your five frogs safely to their caves before your time runs out. This is a really great way to play the classic game.