Good things come in threes, especially at the movies. So sit back, relax and enjoy our top ten best trilogies of all time!

The Best Trilogies of All Time:


10. The Scream Trilogy

Funny, irreverent and always a good time, the Scream movies did not try to be a cinematic legend. They are the candy bars of movies – not much to them but incredibly enjoyable.


9. The Toy Story Trilogy

Cartoon or not, anyone with a heart will be moved by the storytelling in Pixar’s Toy Story movies. The third one, in particular, is as heart-warming as it is exciting.


8. The Die Hard Trilogy

A strong start makes this Christmas time action favorite a top trilogy. John McClane and Hans Gruber (among others) are indelible action archetypes we love. Unforgettable lines and breath-taking action sequences make these movies hold up over time.


7. The Bourne Trilogy

Equally smart and action-packed, the Bourne movies redefined the spy genre by creating a character-based drama at the center of each action film. Unlike the ultimate James Bond, Jason Bourne has nuance and an inner struggle, and we find him riveting.


6. The Back to the Future Trilogy

Smart, funny, and incredibly well-plotted, the Back to the Future movies delighted moviegoers old and young. Marty McFly, Doc and the characters they came across are beloved to many, and the John Williams soundtrack only makes the Robert Zemeckis directed action scenes more nail-biting.


5. The Matrix Trilogy

The Wachowskis’ Matrix movies defined a generation torn between humanity and technology. Appealing to both action lovers and cosmic thinkers, the original fascinated and the sequels truly kept up to the standard of the original.


4. The Indiana Jones Trilogy

Unforgettable (but flawed) characters, irresistible performances, monumental action sequences, exotic locales and another legendary John Williams score make the Spielberg helmed films American classics.


3. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Perhaps the most beautifully shot of the trilogies on this list, the Rings movies are far and beyond the newest addition to the trilogy list. Unparalleled epic storytelling, baffling visual effects, timeless characters and a whole lot of heart make Peter Jackson’s films some of the most important ones made in the past few years.


2. The Godfather Trilogy

Around the world, Coppola’s Godfather trilogy is lauded for its timeless tale of power, intrigue, and ambition. Indelible performances in this film trilogy are done some of the best actors in film history- Pacino, Brandon, Duvall, Keaton, Caan. They made the Corleone family fascinating, empathetic and terrifying.


1. The (Original) Star Wars Trilogy

Perhaps the most discussed, most formative and most passionately debated trilogy of all time Star Wars is a one of a kind event introduced some of the most iconic characters in movie history. More than most, it is a series of movies that are prerequisite movie watching, not just once but over and over again. It has spawned prequel trilogy, post-sequels, TV shows and more merchandise than most filmmakers would dream of. The Empire Strikes Back is the second installment in the Star Wars original trilogy. It is truly the most iconic of iconic movies.

Honorable Mention Trilogies:


The Dark Knight Trilogy

Who could say no to this DC Comics superhero? There are so many Batman films but The Dark Knight Trilogy has its own way of bringing you in the darkness. The series is lead by actor Christian Bale who took on the role of Bruce Wayne or Batman. The story plot is a masterpiece that interconnects the film trilogy.

The Iron Man Trilogy

Iron Man 1 is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe. What can we say? This movie is a box office hit! Marvel Comics-based superhero made sure to have their films to be complemented by good reviews from movie critics.

The Evil Dead Trilogy

Directed and lead by childhood friends, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell took a new thrilling spin to the series to be considered among the greatest horror films of all time. The second film took off right where the first film left off. Despite the low budget, Evil Dead is one of the most ferociously original horror stories to reach the theaters. The movie even spawned a media franchise starting with two sequels, Evil Dead II and Army Darkness. All films are written and directed by Raimi.

The Mad Max Trilogy

Mad Max is an Australian action film that gave Mel Gibson’s first major role as his big break. It held the Guinness record for the most profitable film. The film’s success paved way for opening a franchise, giving rise to series installments.