Hair. It’s everywhere. Bald or mullet-ed, mohawk or horseshoe, if you are a man, you have hair on SOME part of your body.  For the more hirsute set, the maintenance can be laborious, and many men rightfully choose to sport more body hair than most. Respect.

No matter your genetics or your body hair choices, however, there are some parts that escape our minds from time to time. Parts that might need more upkeep than we actually provide for them. It is important to keep an eye out for these hairy sights. So let us help.



No matter the culture or background, no one finds nose hair attractive. Sure, it is the ninja of body hair – sneaking out when you least expect it or popping out a tuft overnight. Be proactive, trim AT LEAST once a week and keep that hair short and internal.



A more debatable area for hair, the issue with shoulders is less about whether or not you embrace the hair back there, and more the fact that many people who no not want it simply cannot see it. If you fit this category, remember to check out your shoulders in the mirror. If you know you get too sprouty, make sure you check this area every two weeks or so.



Like nose hair, there is little excuse here. You should be able to see most of you ear hair and anything too bushy is not considered too attractive. (I mean, I am sure there is an ear hair fetish out there somewhere, and more power to it, but that is a another topic.) Trim your ears once a week and be thorough.


  1. YOUR KNUCKLES (the ones on your hands and feet)

A little knuckle hair never bothered anyone, but thick patches are not the tidiest. When you trim your fingernails, take a few extra seconds and run your nose trimmer along your knuckles. Same goes for those toes. The Hobbit look is never sexy, unless you are an actual Hobbit. So trim away, and don’t worry. Your hands and feet will still look manly without the hair.


  1. YOU NECK (front and back)

If you are a man with facial hair, beware of the neck beard. A little scruff? Not a problem. Weeks of build-up, however, makes you look more like you belong in a zoo. Remember to shave – even if you sport a beard – and all will be fine.

Also, watch out for the vagrant back hairs the sport up the back of your shirt. If you choose to keep you back hair, keep in it your shirt, fellas.



Yes, gentleman you need to trim your caterpillars. No this doesn’t mean you have to get them waxed or have a lady-like arch. Just do a little trim. Brush them up and trim along the top with your trimmer. Once or twice a month is usually fine.



You know where. You have tons of options – hairy, no hair, long-in-the-front-short-in-the-back – but know that your options are always a choice. Unruly pubes can get smellier and out of control. Even if you choose to be hairy, do some research and maintain (that’s the key word here) the hair you want.


Happy buzzing, gentlemen!