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Right about now you are probably doing everything you can to get out of the gym and into the outdoors but you don’t want to completely give up your workouts. So, here are a few summer fitness tips that will take you outside for some enjoyable and healthy activities.

Most experts agree that a well rounded fitness and/or diet program begins with breakfast every morning. There is the excuse in winter that you are just too warm and comfortable in your bed to get up and make breakfast; however, during the summer there is no reason not to get up and make a nutritious breakfast.

Along those same lines with summer comes an endless supply of many different types of vegetables and fruits and you should try to include a minimum of five servings a day. Be sure to try different things so that you can get the benefit of many nutrients.

Why not try learning a new water sport or reviving an old one? Head out to a local lake or river and test your canoeing or kayaking skills. This will provide a great core and upper body workout while keeping you cool.

If you are looking to develop more power then you may want to check out plyometrics; it is a great way boost power and muscle mass and can be done outside. A fast workout would include jump squats, clap pushups, burpees and jump lunges; all designed to burn fat.

Another quick way to get in shape and add muscle definition to the upper body is to rock climb. Invest in some lessons first and then head out to a real mountain to tryout your new skills.

If you are a parent then summer is the perfect time for spending quality time with your child. Plan a camping or fishing trip or just go for a long hike; great as a way to get some exercise while teaching them about the great outdoors.

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