Gameday Side Dish – Bourbonized Baked Beans

Picture of Baked Beans

Game Day Side Dish



Gameday Food Lovers:

“These beans are “hearty”, ergo great on their own as a meal,or as a side dish to compliment almost any gameday food.”

– Gridiron Chef Doc


½         Lb        Ground Beef, cooked (do not drain)

½         Lb        Bacon, cooked (cut to small chunks)

½         Lb        Kielbasa (cut into small chunks)

½         Cup      Chopped Spanish Onion

40        oz.       Baked Beans (usually 1 can + ¼)

3          Tbsp    Molasses

1/3       Cup      Ketchup (If you can find a chipotle ketchup, please do so)

½         Cup      Dk. Brown Sugar

2          Tbsp    Worchesterchire Sauce

2          Tbsp    Whole Grain Mustard

1/2       Cup      Bourbon (Jim, Jack or Wild Turkey)


  • Cook Ground Beef….leave in fat
  • Fry Bacon, and Cut
  • Cut Kielbasa
  • Chip Onion Fine
  • In a saucepan, add bourbon – reduce by 50%
  • Mix reduced bourbon and all ingredients into a large tinfoil pan or baking dish.
  • Heat in the oven or on the grill off heat at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Serve hot with a cold libation of your choice!

Jeff “Doc” Dockeray is a  featured chef at many national platforms, Doc was host of the industry’s first Tailgate Radio show on SIRIUS XM, and as well a consultant to many award-winning products. He is proud to share his knowledge and undeniable zest for this culture with both the commercial properties and hundreds of notarized celebrity chefs, parking lot pros and super fans that share his passion



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