The main considerations when you are tossing around ideas for swimming pool landscaping include convenience, safety, privacy and appearance. There are several options including plants, using a deck landscaping idea or even a patio landscaping plan around the pool.

Using plants as your swimming pool landscaping helps to soften the often harsh lines around the pools equipment and makes everything blend in a little more with the environment surrounding it. If you use plants that are tall enough they can be used as a kind of privacy screen around your pool area; however the type of plants that you choose is important. You should look for low maintenance ones; for example, you would not want to have a big deciduous tree around your pool because you would spend most of your time cleaning the leaves out of it rather than enjoying it.

Using patio or deck landscaping around your pool is not only nice to look at it can also be safer because you will be less likely to slip than you would on concrete. However if you opt to use brick for the deck or patio landscaping be sure that the bricks are slightly rough to avoid falling and having an accident or cover it with some kind of a non-slip covering. Many people will add a type of gazebo or enclosed area along with their deck landscaping ideas which can also double as an entertainment area or, if it is covered or enclosed, it can be used as a changing room for the pool.

Another option for swimming pool landscaping is to use fencing; some feel that this is too harsh of a look however it can be made to look softer. Using the right kind of fence design can make all of the difference in the appearance of the landscape and there are many design choices available. You also have the option of growing some plants around the fence; consider planting some kind of trailing vines and then train them to grow over the fence which also adds an extra amount of privacy.

You can also use your outdoor furniture or other items such as a bar-b-que pit area as swimming pool landscaping. This makes a great place for friends and family together after an afternoon of swimming.