Suspend your disbelief, but you do not have to be a hipster to wear suspenders. In fashion, the old will always become the new, and suspender trend is back. Suspenders (or braces) are both stylish and practical. Obviously, they are designed to hold your pants up, but they are superior to belts in that they do not bunch your shirt or pull over your waist. There are rules, however, to effectively wear them. One must think about their body type, clothing choices and type of suspender.

Start with your body type. Skinny guys have the easiest time with suspenders (and belts) because there is little to worry about. The most important thing for thin guys is to makes sure your shirt is not too large and that you do not adjust suspenders too high. You should be revealing no more than an inch of sock. Larger men need to be careful that suspenders do not pull their pants over their stomach (thus creating the ‘granddad belly’ look.)

Pants should be worn slightly with the button below the naval– no higher. Front braces should be fastened at the top of the hip, new the hard part of the hip bone. (Thinner guys get away with fastening them wider or closer, but it does not always work.)

shutterstock_252897604Suspenders are great options for men who wear suits, but higher quality fabrics could warp if you use the clamp-style suspender. Try using the buttoned suspenders for nicer suits and tuxes.

Casually, suspenders can be worn with nice, unripped jeans and pants. Never wear suspenders with anything that has an elastic waistband, or with any type of short or casualwear. Only wear button up, collared shirts with suspenders (unless you have a time machine set for the 80s.) Polos and henleys usually never work with suspenders.

Do not wear a belt AND suspenders. That is like wearing two hats.

Do not snap yours or other peoples’ suspenders. It could damage the clothing and it is rude.

Very ambitious stylish men might wear suspenders down. This makes the suspenders mere fashion and obviously, not practical.