Are you near a tree while you are reading this? If you are then please look up.

Sure, you might look like an idiot squinting up at a tree while using your laptop but hang in there and you might seem something weird, like one of these things.

The Tree Climbing Goats

The Strangest Things Found in Trees

Maybe you have already heard of the tree goats of Morocco. If you haven’t then let me introduce them to you. The Argania trees grow some lovely some fruit on them every year and our friends the goats just can’t resist climbing on up to grab some.  They somehow manage to balance in seemingly impossible positions while up there and the resulting poop is said to be pretty nice too. 

Spiders Escaping Floods

The Strangest Things Found in Trees

Ok, so your brain can just about handle the thought of goats that climb up trees to stuff their faces but what those icky little spiders? What the hell are they doing up there? This bizarre event happened a few years ago in Pakistan, when our 8 legged buddies climbed up trees to avoid flood waters. This was weird enough but they then made it even stranger when they stated to fill the trees with millions of their intricate webs.

Amazing Tree Houses

The Strangest Things Found in Trees

If you were anything like me than as a kid you would have shrieked and possibly even squealed with delight had you been presented with a tree house of your own. Jeez, I would have almost fainted with gratitude had my parents jut stuck a rotting old piece of wood on top of a shrub and placed my Action Man on it. Alas, I was never to know the heady delights of playing and pooping in a tree like a goat. However, if I look at the amazing tree houses around these days I am almost tempted to sell my house and live in a giant oak. Just look at that tree house in the photo. There are presidents of small nations who live in less impressive residences than this.   

Crashed Planes Next to Ironic Signs 

The Strangest Things Found in Trees

Maybe you remember getting an email from a distant cousin or an annoying ex-work colleague with this image on it. Unless you are in the habit of deleting these emails without opening them you may have been mildly amused to see a plane stuck in a tree. The best bit of all is that there was a sign in front of it offering – wait for it – flying lessons. Oh, how we laughed at the unfortunate pilot who risked life and limb to fill 3 seconds of our life with joy. Spoiler alert; this was another example of a rapscallion with Photoshop amusing us with their skills. Although the plane really did hilariously crash it wasn’t right next to this sign.

Jesus in a Tree   

The Strangest Things Found in Trees

Can you imagine climbing up a tree to eat some fruit or to play with your Barbies and finding the son of God there? You can’t, can you? Yet, this is exactly what happened in Iowa last year, although I can’t be completely sure about the fruit or the dolls. Anyway, some people claim that it is an image of Jesus and others say that it is an image of the Virgin Mary. Because they totally look the same as each other. Personally, I think that it looks more like Madonna with her cape on just before she went crashing down the steps.