Contrary to popular belief a woman’s idea of a romantic present is not a kitchen appliance. And, nothing tells her that you don’t know her very well like a gift certificate; so steer clear of the clichés and check out some of these gift ideas:

Holiday Gift Ideas for Her

While a little stereotypical it is still true that women love chocolate, but that doesn’t mean you can run into the drugstore and pick up a box of generic chocolates and expect her to be thrilled. Instead consider something like a Godiva holiday truffle gift box, giving her a delectable choice of milk or dark chocolate along with flavors like spicy gingerbread or eggnog; effectively melting her heart.

Christmas shopping

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It may seem a little impersonal to give someone a magazine subscription but when the magazine is Vanity Fair you can’t go wrong. It is filled with everything from pop culture, to politics to fashion, satisfying all aspects of her personality.

Find out what her favorite scents are then check out the decadent scents available in those luxurious French Diptyque Patchouli candles. The show Sex and The City was responsible for bringing them into the mainstream, however, woman have enjoyed these candles for over 50 years.

Speaking of scents you can never go wrong with a nice bottle of her favorite perfume. Not sure what her favorite is? Then you should go with a proven classic: Chanel No. 5; it surrounds her in its legendary delicate floral aroma making her feel sexy, refined and elegant.

Even if she is not a “techie” she will love the FlipCam, a simple shoot and share camera/video recorder. It comes in several colors and styles that will help her to capture all of those priceless memories during the holidays and all year long.

Whatever you decide to get her be sure that you present it with a great bottle of champagne and a set of crystal glasses as a way of showing her that she is all the celebration you need.

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