We are hungry. We sit excitedly awaiting the meal we just ordered. Perhaps over some good wine and with great company, we prepare ourselves for some deliciousness. And then it appears. No, not the mouth-watering tacos or phenomenal pasta you wanted, but the complimentary portion of the meal. We start to eat and cannot stop.

These are the foods we love to eat, but also the ones that ruin the main dish we ordered.



The ultimate adversary to main dish enjoyment. Bread is filling and delicious and usually comes with some taste fat (butter, oil, olives). Despite the current trend against all carbs, breads is still often complimentary in many restaurants.


Chips and Salsa

It’s vegetables, right? That is what we tell ourselves when we order our second basket. It is impossible to resist the salty crunch and tomato-y goodness. And if guacamole is included, we might as well ask them to wrap up that chorizo burrito now.



Sure, it’s bread, but it is a special, wonderful, aromatic bread that simply needs it’s own category. It is also the reason I have never left an Indian meal without being uncomfortably full.



Sweet, spicy, wonderful delicious wings. We convince ourselves that they are an appetizer, but we all know that they are the main course. No starter is worth that kind of mess.


Cheese Plate

You finish a cheese plate. That includes that nuts, the bread (there it is again!), the weird fruit on the side (figs, maybe) We eat it all because it is expensive – and delicious. It’s cheese.



Deep-fried what? It doesn’t matter. I will have some of that. However, please do not be offended when I do not finish my sushi boat. I am full on fried carrots and onions.



Yes, it is on the list twice. Mostly because we ordered a fourth basket. And definitely had more than one person’s portion.