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Trying to improve your eating habits does not mean that you will need to start some kind of draconian deprivations and start to scrutinize what you eat, looking for everything over the calorie limit. If you make a few simple adjustments to your eating habits you will see the results within a few weeks. And, by following these tips you will not have to let your friends know that you are trying to watch what you eat nor will your next date think you are a pickier eater than she is for asking for anything low calorie.

Most people do not enjoy having to drink water all day; there is no flavor or perhaps it just doesn’t quench your thirst like a soda or juice would. If you happen to be big on drinking juice then find one that has lots of pulp; this is because the pulp will help to fill you up quicker meaning you will drink less and reduce your calorie intake.

Your next tip is to use whole wheat bread, bagels and crackers; just stay away from white bread. The additional fiber found in whole wheat helps to kill the appetite much quicker so rather than eating another portion of white bread products you will likely eat less which again reduces your calorie intake. An added bonus is that items that contain whole wheat help keep your blood sugar level more stable over a much longer amount of time.

If you are one of those that brings your lunch to work and you include a sandwich in that lunch that means that you are eating at least 5 sandwiches during the week so you will need to cut down on the fat and calorie content that is in the sandwich while still maintaining some kind of flavor. The first thing to do is to not include cheese or at least cut down on the amount of cheese that you use; instead of using sliced cheese try using shaved or shredded cheese, it covers the same amount of area but you will use less.

While it is a fact that most often it just is not a sandwich without mayonnaise, however men have a tendency to use a lot of it. The next time you make a sandwich pay attention to the amount of mayo that you use, that is a lot of calories; by simply cutting it down some you will lower your calorie intake and before you know it you may even me switching to a light mayonnaise. You can see that these simple tips are not going to completely complicate your eating habits they will only help you to shed a few of those unwanted pounds.

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