Tis the season…again. Between the parties, the shopping, the running around and the work you must get done before the end of the year, there is one thing that we consistently rely upon to get through the holidays – a good drink.

There is no shame in it. Heck, we are celebrating! So get the taste of the holidays without losing the festivities with these holiday drinks you can easily spike. Because if Rudolph’s nose can be red and Santa’s cheeks can be rosy, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy a little imbibing yourself.


Hot Cider

Beat the cold by topping your warm cider with some whiskey or rum. And perhaps a little spiced butter to give a little extra warmth. Be careful not to add your booze until the cider is warm, as you do not want to cook off the alcohol.


Hot Cocoa

Take your best hot cocoa recipe to new levels by adding peppermint schnapps, Irish crème or bourbon before adding whipped cream.


Cranberry Spritz

Like your bubbles? Try adding a bit of real cranberry juice (avoid the cranberry cocktail) to your favorite champagne or prosecco.


Irish Coffee

Nothing is as warming, and relaxing as an Irish coffee. Top your coffee off with a dash of sugar and some Irish whiskey, and do not forget to splash a bit of cream to froth up the top. For a little more sweetness, use whipped cream and a dash of crème de menthe on the cream for that emerald color.


Hot Buttered Rum

Not exactly spiking, but rum, butter, sugar and spices served warm and toasty is a rich treat that can pack a punch if served right.


Egg Nog

A little sweet bourbon or Tennessee whiskey added to some of your favorite egg nog can get your holiday party started right. Many people choose to spike their nog with rum, but that can make it too sweet. Stick to the bourbon unless you have a major sweet tooth.


Mulled Wine

Skip the cider and try some warm, spiced wine. It becomes much more holiday-like by adding more cloves, cinnamon and star anise.


Horchata and Rum

Horchata (a Mexican rice drink) is delicious and naturally spicy. A great option for the holidays in warmer climates, spike a bit of Horchata with a dark rum to have a tasty, festive drink served cold.


Hot Toddy

Spiking you tea with a bit of whiskey and lemon will make you sleep well (and jumpstart recovering from the sniffles).


No matter your holiday, drink safely and tastily!