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Hi Gentlemen! First let me begin by saying that I am extremely excited to be a part of the Man Certified family. You guys are fortunate to have a website specifically catering to the needs of the male gender. My objective is to help you guys out with the female gender or as we like to call ourselves “Divas”. Although it seems that our male counterparts deem us “impossible” to get along with, I will give you honest advice so that we can play “nice” with each other and have meaningful relationships.


Having said that, let’s begin with our first topic of discussion…



“Where not to Take a Woman on a First Date”

1) Bar/Nightclub.  Although the local bar/nightclub might sound like a good idea, it’s really a poor choice. Primarily because of whom you might run into. An ex, either yours or hers, can really cause havoc on your date, especially if they are not over the relationship yet. You may also run into a friend who will sit with you and talk the night away. There goes your opportunity to get to know your date. And of course there is the dreaded drunk dude who may hit on your date. It’s your first date, can you honestly tell the drunkard “Leave her alone, she’s my girlfriend!” That puts both of you in an uncomfortable position. First dates are awkward to begin with why add injury to insult.

2) Dinner. So cliché guys! But if you must have a dinner date, just be careful where you take her. Mexican food is not good on anyone’s digestive tract and eating at a place that requires the use of only your hands is taboo! Ladies don’t want to watch you eat like a caveman ripping meat off the bone. Nor do we want greasy fingers on our clothes as you help us with our coat…remember your manners men!

3) Movie/Play. The big problem with a movie/play is the fact that there will be absolutely no interaction for two or three hours. Sitting next to a stranger whom you know nothing about equals awkward and boring.

4) A Family Party. Huge no-no! We all know how much you guys love your moms but this is a date that should be saved for later on in your relationship. No doubt your date will be bombarded with questions including the ever embarrassing, “How long have you been dating?” Keep your date away from the humiliation and boredom of family functions early on in your relationship.

5) Sporting Events. This totally depends on your date. Obviously there are some women who have absolutely no desire to sit through a game of any sort. In this instance, come up with another place to go. However, more and more woman are becoming sports fans and would enjoy taking in a baseball game. But guys please watch your alcohol intake and if your team loses, watch your attitude. Ladies don’t like drunken sore losers.

And lastly, never take her to the beach on the first date. Being with a stranger is odd enough. But then to ask them to be half naked can really make for an uncomfortable situation. Use you creativity guys and above all just be yourselves and have fun!

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