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Recently I wrote an article, which I hope helped you, in your search for something to do on that awkward first date. Then it dawned on me that maybe I should have followed up that information with a list of things NOT to do on a first date. So guys here it is:

The Men’s Guide of Things Never to do on a First Date.

1. Don’t be late. Of course we would understand if something happened out of your control which caused you to be late. If that’s the case just give us a quick call or text so that we know we are not being stood up and that you are ok. If you are a bit late, don’t inundate us with excuse after excuse. Apologize and move on!

2. Don’t dress the wrong way. I know women can be a bit catty when it comes to how her date is dressed. Guys, just dress for the activity of the date…don’t overdress don’t underdress. Make sure you are on the same page with your date on what you are doing so she knows what to wear. It can be a bit uncomfortable if we are dressed up and you show up in jeans and a t-shirt. On a side note guys, I recently read an interesting article in the Journal of Experimental Psychology that I thought might help you. The article stated that a recent study found that the color red makes men appear more powerful, attractive and sexually desirable to women. Hmmmm….maybe a red tie or a red shirt, just a thought.

3. Don’t forget to get to know her. In other words, don’t talk about yourself all night long! Honestly guys, this is the biggest turn-off and will destroy your chances of a second date. Lure her into a conversation about her hobbies, likes and dislikes, but stay away from sensitive questions involving religion or politics. Within a few moments I’m sure you will find some similarities you have and just go from there.

4. Don’t talk about old relationships. We all have exes and they are exes for a reason. Keep any reference or comment of an old flame out of the conversation. We are there to get to know you not your old girlfriend. Bringing her up in conversation will only indicate to us that you still have feelings for her. However, if your date questions you about a previous relationship, keep you comments genuine and short. This will let us know that you are over her and are ready to move on.

5. Don’t be rude. There is nothing worse than being on a date with a guy who can’t put his phone down. Do not take phone calls, return texts or answer emails while on a date! Guys, your date deserves your attention…be a respectable listener and you will gain her respect quickly.

6. Don’t forget your manners. Common courtesy, opening the door, helping with her coat, will signify that you are a gentleman. Such small actions will impress her in a big way…especially because her last date probably didn’t do it! A little compliment once in a while, telling her how nice she looks etc., is essential. Sadly, the days of chivalry have gone to the wayside. Let’s bring it back, guys.

Obviously, I can’t guarantee that abiding by this list will automatically win you that greatly desired second date. However, I can tell you that if you keep the date fun and light hearted your chances are magnified. Good Luck and Happy Dating!

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