Review of Fuse Replacement Sun-glasses

I am rocking those Vuarnets hard.

I am rocking those Vuarnets hard. Lenses

I love sunglasses. I’m one of those guys that will buy a good pair and take care of them until they wear out. Gosh I rocked those black Vuarnet Cat’s Eye shades hard back in 1987. But, no matter how well you take care of your shades you’ll almost always scratch them at some point especially if you’re pretty active. I usually leave my glasses on my hat and when I remove it the glasses fly off. Fortunately, I haven’t done it too often.


Finding the Right Size Sunglasses to Fit Your Face Is Key

I have a fairly large face, not like a pumpkin face but depending on the diet I’m on my face can be fluffy. Several years ago I found the sunglasses that fit my face perfectly The Bolle King. So I bought a pair with polarized amber lenses, slightly mirrored fronts with anti reflective coating on the backs. As with all my shades they were taken care of quite nicely. I cleaned the lenses with the soft cloth provided and for 4 years I was a happy man. They were the best sunglasses I had ever owned. About 2 years ago I noticed the anti reflective coating beginning to wear off. Dirty sunglasses bug the shite out of me and it started to look as if I was looking through film. It wasn’t unbearable but it bugged me so I started looking for a new pair of Kings relegating my tortoise shell Kings to coaching and cutting the grass. I found my new pair (I am so thankful Bolle sells enough of these to keep the frames in production) Black Matte frames with gold-mirrored polarized lenses.


The Old Sunglasses Are Getting Kinda Lonely

Even though I still give them some love the old sunglasses just don’t get the wear time they used to mostly because I notice the blemishes on the inside the lenses. My wife can wear sunglasses that look like someone spit on them but not me. So like billions of people I Googled replacement sunglass lenses. I don’t know the sunglasses business very well but lo and behold there were quite a few companies that would make replacement lenses for popular sunglasses. However, all the sites I went to had you fill out a form and they would get back to you with a quote. That screams “these lenses are going to be expensive”. So I clicked on a site called Fuse Lenses and as I got further along I realized I had found exactly what I was looking for. A company that made replacement lenses for a host of popular brands in the popular frame styles for those brands. So did they have lenses for my Bolle Kings? Yep they sure did. In 28 different colors including polarized and non polarized. I was in sun-glass heaven. So I looked at all of their offerings and settled on the Zeiss premium midnight blue polarized lenses with a light mirror coating on the front.

Love the Bolle Kings but the AR is wearing off.

Love the Bolle Kings but the AR is wearing off.


Fuses Lenses Arrived in 3 Days

So how was the experience and more importantly how are the lenses? I ordered the lenses late Friday and I received a confirmation Saturday morning letting me know that the order has posted. On Monday another email was received informing me that the lenses had gone out. They were in Wednesday’s mail.


Unpacking the Fuse Lenses

So upon opening the package I saw a small square Fuse branded box, so far so good. I opened up the Fuse box to find a complementary soft cloth sun-glass bag and each lens was inside of a Styrofoam enclosure. I pulled out each and looked them over and they were perfect in every way. Not a blemish anywhere.

I love unpacking fun stuff.

I love unpacking fun stuff.


Replacing The Lenses

I had never replaced sun-glass lenses before. In fact whenever lenses had popped out in the past I usually tried to put them back only to get frustrated. That progressed into loud swearing and ended up with me throwing the sunglasses out no matter how much I paid for them. I decided it would be a good idea to watch the replacement videos available on Fuse’s website. The videos are super easy to follow and it seemed like a piece of cake. Who woulda thunk it? I followed the instructions in detail. Removing the old lenses and installing the new proved to be as advertised. It was ridiculously simple affair.

Sun-Glass Love

Sun-Glass Love


Performance of The Fuse Lenses

I had to go outside to give these bad boys a test drive right? Well it just happened to be a bright sunny day with nary a cloud in the sky. My first impression was “wow!!” The optical clarity on these Zeiss lenses far exceed the original lenses. They are just brilliant to look through with little or no distortion at any angle. If I had one negative thing to say it would be that there appears to be no antireflective coating on the backside of the lenses. I happen to be a watch guy as well and I know what colorless AR looks like and these don’t appear to me to have any AR. After walking around with them in bright sunlight it doesn’t seem to matter much, they are just really nice lenses and they cost me $35 and change with a 30% off first time buyer coupon. They certainly set the hook because I have a few other sets of lonely sunglasses that can use freshening up with a new color combo.

You seriously cannot go wrong buying Fuses lenses. If you want to update the look of old glasses or do what I did and replace lenses that are getting a little funky or you find a pair of glasses that fit perfect but you hate the lenses give Fuse a try. If you happen to have a pair of sunglasses that Fuse does not offer in stock you can send your glasses in and they will custom cut lenses for you. I hope you enjoy the pictures.



Sean Kavanaugh