Fuse Lens

What are Fuse Lenses?

​Fuse Lenses’ was created by Brandon Dill and Jon Martino. Together they have over 35 years experience in the optical industry. The start of Fuse Lenses was from a spontaneous moment. A mutual friend of theirs had scratched lenses but the frame maintained in perfectly good condition and asked for the replacement of the lenses instead of the glasses’ as a whole.

Fuse Lenses aims to work continuously in developing stronger scratch resistance, spectacular coating durability, and crisper optics. Fuse Lenses aims not only to become a trusted ally in all of your everyday adventures but to supply the vision you deserve for your high-quality frames. It is worth your pocket, money-back guaranteed!

Fuse Replacement Lenses Review: Sunglasses Porn

Sunglasses Teaser

​I have a new passion and it’s wearing kick ass shades. I don’t know what’s going on physiologically as I’ve grown older but my eyes now demand that I wear sunglasses so I might as well look like money even though I don’t have any. I’ve heard it’s better to look good than to feel good. After chatting with Brandon Dill owner and founder of Fuse Lenses I really started thinking about replacement sunglass lenses, color combinations, and frames so we decided to have him on the show to talk about Fuse and his other company Eyecandy Sunglasses.

While on the show Brandon was sporting a sweet set of matte gray Smith Optic frames with the sickest set of mirrored pink polarized lenses I have ever seen. In fact, the reason I had never seen them before is that they are a yet to be released lens color. I knew I had to have them. I was given a pair of Hoven Times sunglasses a couple months ago. The Times frames are really cool, big chunky style mine are matte brown so I love that too but the lenses are boring gray polarized….yuck! I asked Brandon how he thought the Hoven’s would look with those badass pink lenses and he said “send them to me and we will find out” They were in the mail that night.

Check out the pictures below for some sweet sunglass porn shots. Fuse had the shades back to me with the new lenses in 4 business days.

Sunglasses TeaserYou know you want these bad dogsYou know you want these bad dogs