Snow and sleet does not stop the mail from going through so it shouldn’t disrupt your vacation plans. On the contrary, winter conditions can be ideal for vacationers.

Snowshoeing and Silver Dollar Lake Trails, Colorado

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Snowshoeing at Silver Dollar Lake Trails, Colorado


Ever wanted to try your hand at snowshoes? Then you may want to check out the Silver Dollar Lake trails in Colorado. There are about three miles of trails surrounding the lake that just beg to be explored; and while it may be a bit strenuous it is well worth the approximately 2 hour hike among mountains and pines. Keep in mind that snowshoes are no longer like wearing over-sized tennis rackets on your feet as they have improved and are more compact and comfortable.

Snowmobiling Across West Yellowstone, Montana

Perhaps you would rather forego the snowshoes for something a little more exciting; if so head to West Yellowstone, Montana and hop on a snowmobile. It has been dubbed the snowmobile capital of the world for a good reason; after all, it gets about 150 inches of snow that is almost perfect powder for snowmobiles.

If you are looking forward to a little backcountry skiing then the undeveloped, raw and pure area around Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the place for you. Not only does it have what is known as the best powder in the U.S. it also boasts the longest slope; from the top of Rendezvous Mountain to the valley below you will enjoy a 4,139 foot run. And, if you are worried about crowds you can relax as Jackson Hole covers about 2,500 acres, more than enough room for everyone.

Ice Climbing in Ouray, Colorado


Ice Climbing and Winter Vacation Destinations

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Still need a little more excitement? Then Ouray, Colorado is the perfect place for you to test your skills in ice climbing. Yep, climbing up a sheer vertical wall of ice is an extreme sport that people actually do on purpose. In Ouray the overflow from one of the local reservoirs forms cliffs of ice that are over 100 feet tall that are regularly sprinkled with more water to reinforce them lessening the chances of an avalanche. Don’t worry if you have never done this before as there are many instructors there and lots of safety features that make it a great place to learn.

Vacationing with Family in Mammoth Lakes, Sierra Nevada

If you are looking for a family friendly winter vacation you may want to consider Mammoth Lakes located in the remote portion of Californian’s eastern Sierra Nevada. Many people consider it comparable to Lake Tahoe but without the huge crowds. There are several places to stay and food choices range from gourmet meals to hamburger joints nestled in the faux Alpine village. As for activities, they run the gamut as well; you can go skiing (downhill and cross country) one day then snowmobiling or snowshoeing the next; then maybe some dog sledding and top it off with a sleigh ride.

There are many great options available for a winter vacation so pack some warm clothes and head off to a new winter adventure.

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