So, you’ve got a cool new phone. You’ll want a cover for that bad boy, won’t you? And so it begins. How will it end, though?

The Retro Phone Cover

Outrageous Phone Covers

This is a really clever design that turns an iPhone into an old style brick phone. Now, if someone would please just invent a phone case which works in reverse then I have an old Motorola which could become really trendy again.

The Cardboard Case

Unusual Phone Covers

Have you ever fallen into smartphone poverty? This condition sees you spend all of your money on a really smart, expensive phone. Hold on though; if you spend all your cash on the phone how are you going to be able to afford a case for it. You aren’t. Well, the solution is now at hand, with these cheap cardboard covers. As an added bonus, sneak thieves will see you as being the sort of pathetic person who isn’t even worth robbing.

The Chocolate Phone Cover

Unique Phone Covers

This looks pretty good as well, doesn’t it? It’s a modern phone case but it looks just like a bar of chocolate. The only risk in this case is that a hungry or delusional relative tries to bite a chunk out of it. To be fair, it’s not a big risk really.

The Knuckleduster Phone Cover

Outrageous Phone Covers

I never realised that you could turn your smartphone into a weapon. This looks like the kind of evil knuckleduster which low life criminals with names like Shoulders and Knuckles would use. I’m guessing that it’s designed to be easy to hold but I’m not really convinced that it would be. Wouldn’t you end up with cramped and tired hands after a long phone conversation?

The Gun Phone Cover

Ridiculous Phone Covers

Even our old buddy Knuckles would think twice about turning his beloved phone into a lethal firearm. I have no idea if this is a real gun or a fake one but it certainly would draw a few looks for passersby and law enforcement agencies when you are out and about town with it in your hand.

The Hundred Dollar Phone Cover

Outrageous Phone Covers

This is another really nice cover which looks weird yet strangely practical at the same time. Just try not to make the mistake of pulling out a real hundred dollar bill and starting to talk into it.

The Bath Phone Cover

Crazy Phone Covers

I’m no anatomical expert but I have a feeling that this fun cover lacks a touch of realism. For a start, her lower leg appears to be floating about completely unconnected to the rest of her body. Unless the leg belongs to someone else who is lurking under the water. This minor worry aside, this is the kind of phone case which screams, “I’m very mature and witty as well as rich enough to buy a nice phone”.

The Detached Hand Phone Cover

Outrageous Phone Covers

If there is one thing I like to find when I rummage blindly in my bag for my phone it is a severed hand. This wacky phone cover looks a bit scary and probably takes up far too much room in your bag to be practical anyway.

The Face Phone Cover

Outrageous Phone Covers

Ahh, this is my favourite. It’s just so silly and pointless that I can’t help wishing I had one. Then all I would need to do is grow a beard and – hey presto! – it would look as though I was just holding up my hand to my face. Actually, it’s not really all that desirable a thing to buy when I think about it. If I wanted to I could just grow a beard, hold my hand up to my face and forget about buying the weird phone cover.