Even the thought of organizing the garage is enough to bring some men to their knees (and of course it doesn’t help when it is not your idea to do so, but that’s another thing altogether); but the sooner you get it done the better off you will be and the more peace you will likely have as well.

One of the most important things to remember is that when you organize your garage you will need to designate a place for everything while still ensuring that all of your items are easily accessible. If possible start by taking everything out of the garage, just pile it onto the driveway or grass and then begin sorting everything into different categories such as lawn maintenance items, toys, electric tools, sporting equipment, etc. Of course, be sure to throw away all items that are broken beyond repair (yes that includes those that you think you may be able to fix…someday) and items that you no longer need.

Start by installing some type of a hanging rack for those lawn tools which helps to keep them within easy reach while keeping them out of the way and providing you with more space. You can either make one yourself of purchase one pre-made and install it or have someone install it for you if you are not sure of your own capabilities (hey, you do not have to tell anyone that you didn’t do it yourself).

It is also a good idea to have enough room to rotate seasonal items; for example when it is close to winter make sure to have shovels, snow blowers, sleds, etc. easy to get to and likewise during the summer be sure to have any outdoor furniture accessories, toys or pool accessories where you can get to them quickly.

You can also gain some additional storage space by installing cabinets or shelves which again you can do yourself or hire someone to do for you. Free standing cabinets are also a good idea for some sporting equipment, toys and the materials that you need for things like washing your car.

It may seem like an intimidating job but once it is done you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner and you may just get a special dinner out of the deal for being such a great “handyman”.