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Perhaps the least thought given to any room when considering a remodeling job is the basement; unlike a bedroom or kitchen they can be forgotten quite easily once the door has been shut. But, you should keep in mind that this extra level gives you great potential for additional space, storage and even in the case of creating a home office, perhaps some extra income. If your basement happens to be nothing more than a mismatched assortment of cast-off furniture, an area that stores nothing of much use your random crap then it might just be the perfect time to remodel it.

One way to make use of that space is to turn your basement into a game room; a place to go to relax after a hard day’s work, an area to play with the kids, a place to go when spouse/girlfriend issues become a little too stressful or just a place to hang out with the guys. And, we are not just talking about hanging up a dart board or adding a foosball table, we are talking about making it a place you can’t wait to enjoy and show off.

Why not start with some kind of a classic game table, make yourself known as a poker aficionado with an elegant table made for great card games. Many of these are available with an optional top that can be placed over the table and used for things like food in order to keep your poker table in great shape; make sure the chairs are comfortable for those long games where you have the majority of the winning hands as you don’t want anyone using any excuses to leave.

What game room is complete without a bar? You have several choices here including a full bar with a sink and all the extra’s built in or a basic bar to add to your existing area. If you are going for that really elegant look consider one of the heavy mahogany styles, perhaps with a dark granite top and some matching stools. Of course there are other choices if you are going for a more casual look like the light wood or rattan made bars with matching stools.

At this point go ahead and feel free to add that foosball table and dart board; just be sure to match the rest of the décor so it has a pulled together look. Then step back, call the family or your friends and have a blast.

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