Fuse: The King of Replacement Sunglass Lenses



By: Andrea Oh (andrea@sixfootcanasian.ca)

I confess. I have an obsession with sunglasses.

Over the last twenty years I can admit to buying at least 20 different pairs of sunglasses, including Ray-Ban, Revo, Maui Jim, and Oakley. Although you might assume I’m some sort of “diva”, demanding a pair of fashion sunglasses to go with every one of my coordinated outfits … that is HARDLY the case. I am a competitive athlete and weekend warrior who loves being outside twelve months of the year (and taking care of my eyes is really important)!

Although I didn’t get my first “real” pair of performance sunglasses until my early 20s (a pair of silver Oakley Minutes that I won in a beach volleyball tournament) I have invested in at least two-dozen pairs since then!

The purchases weren’t because I wanted a sexy pair of sunglasses to show off as I lay by the pool at a tropical resort. I needed to buy new sunglasses because:
1. The lenses in at least six pairs got severely scratched (after months of wear and tear on the beach volleyball court),
2. The coating on the lenses of two pairs of sunglasses started flaking off (and looked TERRIBLE),
3. Someone accidentally sat on one pair sunglasses and the frame cracked,
4. Another person stepped on one pair of sunglasses and bent the frame beyond repair,
5. Four pairs of sunglasses fell to the ground and ruined the lenses (or frame) in one way or another,
6. I lost one pair in open water,
7. And four pairs were stolen.

In the beginning I had a hard time justifying the two hundred dollars for a new pair of sunglasses. Because of my active lifestyle, I did what most people do … buy a cheap pair knowing they will end up getting damaged or tossed sooner rather than later. It didn’t take long for me to realize that these “other” sunglasses did not offer the same performance and also gave me headaches.

That’s when I bit the bullet and set up an annual “sunglass budget” to account for the damage or loss that I knew would happen. That all changed when I found out about FuseLenses.com, from a fellow “sunglass obsessed blogger”. Essentially, FuseLenses.com makes high-quality custom replacement lenses for over 2,500 different sunglass frames (representing 40+ different brands) in their lab in Clearwater, Florida … at a fraction of the cost of a new pair of sunglasses!



If sunglasses (and lenses) were indestructible, most of us would only every need to buy ONE pair. Ideally, they would:
1. Look fashionable (and provide the “cool” factor),
2. Be comfortable to wear,
3. Be bulletproof (or, at least, shatterproof),
4. Provide superior clarity (and clearer vision),
5. Be scratch resistant,
6. Deflect dirt and debris,
7. Reduce glare and haze, and
8. Come with a warranty.

Although there are thousands of sunglass frames available to suit every sense of style, the reason why people buy their second (or third) pair over time is typically because the lenses let them down. They “assume” they are getting the best quality vision and protection with the lenses that come with the sunglass frames (i.e., polycarbonate, polarized, anti-glare, dirt resistant and lightweight) but that is often times NOT the case with many fashion brands.

Brandon Dill, founder of FuseLenses.com, worked in the optical field most of his life. Following in his father’s footsteps, a lab manager for Visionworks, he believes everyone deserves high quality eyewear protection that fits their active lifestyle … at an affordable price.

At the age of 16, Brandon got his first job working for an eyewear company. By the age of 18 he moved up to a Territory Director on the lab side and, in record time, was promoted to lab manager and facility designer. In 2010, with his first child on the way, Brandon began selling sunglasses as a side business. Known for being a resourceful trouble-shooter and problem solver, a firefighter friend came to him looking to find a pair of Spy Optic sunglasses to replace the pair he loved. Unable to find the exact pair of sunglasses he offered to replace the lenses instead. Using his boss’s lab, he sourced and cut new lenses for the sunglasses and essentially gave him a fresh new pair for less than 40 dollars.

Word soon spread through the firehouse and requests for several more pairs came his way. He knew he was onto something and quickly decided to partner with a colleague (and lens coating specialist). Together they began selling custom made, high quality replacement lenses on eBay. In no time they were up to 20 orders per day and decided to open up their own lab. Within 3 months they tripled their business and, four years later, are now producing upwards of one thousand pairs of lenses a day. FuseLenses.com now has 8 lens cutters, 25 employees and continues to grow at 140 percent!

Replacement lenses for sunglassesConsidering how much money a pair of high quality sunglasses cost, you would assume you are getting the best quality lenses money can buy. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Here are some facts about sunglasses that everyone should know:
• A good pair of sunglasses should offer good protection and superior vision quality.
• Polycarbonate and Trivex are the best materials for high performance protective lenses (i.e., lightweight, bulletproof, shatterproof, good vision clarity).
• Most lenses in eyewear are made of CR-39 (i.e., composite plastic, fragile, cheap and easy to manufacture).
• Luxottica is the world’s largest premium, luxury and sports eyewear company (accounting for over 70 percent of the market).
• Because most people have not worn a pair of sunglasses with polycarbonate or Trivex lenses they don’t know the difference.
• Lenses are very easy to remove and install (there are multiple “how to” videos on the website that show you exactly what to do).

The company’s goal is to provide the highest quality lenses for all the brands and styles on the market … making them even better than the pair that came in the original box!

Fuse Lenses are created by optical lab engineers to provide an inexpensive, high quality lens replacement option for expensive designer glasses. In addition to using the highest quality materials, each lens is manufactured using a process that includes:
1. Polycarbonate lenses that are 2 times thicker than standard lenses (for increased durability)
2. Hard coating (scratch-resistance and thicker coating so lenses last longer)
3. Anti-reflective coating (to reduce eyestrain, diminish distortion, and improve vision)
4. Hydroleophobic coating (defends against dirt, dust, and grease for easier cleaning and superior vision)
5. Polarization (blocks 99 percent of all surface glare)
6. Beveled edges (for ease of installation)

You also receive a minimum one year “no questions asked” warranty on your Fuse Lenses (two years for Fuse+Plus lenses).

Brandon knows not everyone wants or needs FuseLenses.com, but the people they cater their services to are those who are active, spend a lot of time outdoors, and appreciate high performance eyewear. Because of the company’s focus on customer service and the specific needs of their loyal customers, they are now shipping replacement lenses to over 83 countries around the world!

fuserxConsidering more than 60 percent of adults in the US wear prescription eyewear you would think prescription sunglasses would be something most sunglass retailers would offer. Ideally, you could walk into a Sunglass Hut, pick a frame style that you like, give them your prescription and then get them in one to two weeks. Unfortunately, because fashion eyewear manufacturers aren’t in the business of producing lenses that will most likely never happen.

Because prescription sunglasses aren’t readily available, people who wear glasses to correct their vision are at greater risk for eye diseases that are worsened from UV damage (i.e., cataracts, macular degeneration, cataracts, etc.).

Well … Fuse-Rx.com to the rescue!

Sunglass manufacturers and vendors LOVE working with Brandon and his team! FuseLenses.com is in the business of producing the highest quality lenses for the most popular styles. They are one of the few companies that has the equipment, materials and “know how” to produce custom lenses to fit a wide variety of frames.

For this reason, Fuse-RX.com was created for people looking for prescription-specific replacement lenses. With prescription lenses, the diameter and shape of the lens itself creates more challenges when fitting into a frame style. Using the 2500 frame styles in their library, they’ve narrowed the selection down to make it easier to match the right solution to each customer.

If your frame is not available on the website FuseLenses.com can still custom design a solution based on the exact configuration of your frames. You just mail your frames to their headquarters and they’ll do the rest!

It’s really a NO BRAINER! If you’ve gotten this far into the article you know you’re curious to see what FuseLenses.com can do to upgrade your current sunglasses (and at an affordable price)! You’ll be surprised at how many options are available and how easy it is to get started!

Getting started with FuseLenses.com is really simple:
1. Visit their website (www.FuseLenses.com).
2. Find your brand of sunglasses.
3. Find the model name/number of your frame (you can find the model on the inside of the left temple or arm).
4. Choose your lenses (i.e., Fuse or Fuse+Plus, with or without prescription, and color).
5. Spend a fraction of the cost of a brand new pair of sunglasses (secure payment by most major credit cards or PayPal).
6. Wait 7 to 10 days (as they custom make your lenses in their lab in Clearwater, Florida).
7. Remove your old lenses and put in your new lenses (they actually have videos on their website that show you how a 5 year old can do it)!
8. If you’re not satisfied, your lenses are covered with a minimum one-year warranty (no questions asked and FREE returns).

FuseLenses.com is a serious a game changer for the eyewear industry! What this company has accomplished in just six short years is just the beginning! Brandon continues to push the envelope as each day brings new challenges and ways to improve his business … for his employees and their loyal customers. For more information, visit www.FuseLenses.com.

Andrea Oh is an accomplished writer, published author, podcaster, and local blogger in Calgary, AB (Canada). Follow her adventures at www.sixfootcanasian.com or on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@sixfootcanasian).