Mantastic Podcast | Halloween Spectacular


Hello again, welcome to our double episode of the mantastic podcast My name is Sean Kavanaugh and I’m here with my two fabulous co-hosts Allen Wilterdink and John Goerge Ellis.


This is our first ever double episode and you know why we’re doing two? Because it’s effing halloween and because it’s halloween we have a responsibility to acknowledge this great day.


Wouldn’t you agree?


Are you guys dressing up this year? Don’t laugh there are still some 40 year old clowns in my neighborhood that get brow beaten by their wives to dress up.


We are supposed to have the coldest Halloween in 18 years. 45 with rain and 40 MPH winds. Should be real fun going out with the kids. This is the type of Halloween where I wish I was still boozing. Perfect day for a flask whilst walking.


Back when we first moved into our neighborhood and everyone liked each other Halloween was nuts. One family would have everyone over after trick or treating and it was a booze fest suburban style.


When my wife was pregnant with my son she went as a pregnant biker chick with the belly showing. We were super classy.


So on to scary shit. My Cathy is a huge Halloween nut, we have the grave yard in the front with the devil babies in graves. A 6ft Freddie is on the front porch scarying the kids. Good fun. Are you guys fans?


Do either of you believe in ghosts?


I’ve had one weird experience when I was kid. Uncle Gene story.


My kids love all of the ghost hunter shows. Out of all the shows I’ve seen there are only a couple of things I didn’t believe were total horseshit.


I do believe that you shouldn’t mess with oujia boards and stuff like that


I know you have real young kids Allen but will you guys have any Halloween traditions. We bust out the scary tunes and put on scary movies starting at about 2 in the afternoon.


Top Five Scariest Movie of All Time 2014


#5 The Ring

#4 The Shining

#3 The Omen

#2 Halloween

#1 The Exorcist


Top Five All time favorite Halloween candy


#5 Peanut M&Ms

#4 Snickers

#3 Twix

#2 Kit Kat

#1 Reeses Peanut Butter Cups


Top Five All Time Halloween Customs You Wore


#5 Store Bought Six Million Dollar Man

#4 Melting Face

#3 Greatest American Hero

#2 Oompa Loompa

#1 Very Bad Clown


Top Five Scariest Album Covers


#5 Korn Life is Peachy

#4 Marilyn Manson Mechanical Animals

#3 Ronnie James Dio – Last in Line

#2 Slipknot – Volume 3 (subliminal Verses)

#1 Ozzy Speak of the Devil


Did you guys do the eggs and shaving cream thing when you were preteen? We did like crazy. I’ve got a funny story for you. There is a subdivision where I gre up called Palos Pines, every year we would change is to Palos Penis.

Do you give candy to the idiot teen that doesn’t dress up in a costume?

You know what does bug me. The idiots that smash pumpkins around the neighborhood or steal Halloween decorations.

Thanks again to all of our listeners. Have a safe and happy Halloween and tune in next week for another edition of the mantastic podcast.


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