Gentlemen, let’s get over the stigma. Like women, we own stuff – and sometimes we have to carry it around. That means that we need a bag. It’s okay to own one, to invest in a nice one and to use it. Let’s drop the man-purse slur and embrace the masculinity of carrying around our wallet, keys and mints (instead of expecting our wife or girlfriend to.)

Let’s start my checking in on all the bags men use.



The Backpack

Backpacks gets a reputation for looking a little juvenile and hunchback-y. However, they can save you a great deal of back and shoulder pain and might be the best bag if you want one bag to combine both gym bag and work bag. More casual (and probably inappropriate if you dress up often), a backpack also frees up your hands which makes it great for bikers and other people on-the-go.




The Gym bag

Duffel bags, and other gym bag are large shoulder bags that allow for some breathing for your sweaty gym shorts. These are also casual bags that come in many sizes, and are often made with canvas, vinyl or plastic. They must be cleaned every few weeks. Over packing should be avoided to prevent stress on your shoulders.


The Man bag

Probably the butt of most, man-purse jokes, a man bag is a small, masculine satchel used to store a few items (but not large enough to hold clothing or shoes.) Though they are descended from the appalling fanny pack, it is quite possible to find fashionable ones.


The Messenger bag / Computer bag

Larger than a man bag, but smaller than a gym bag, a messenger bag easily fits a laptop and some folders (but not much else). It is a great option for a casual commuter or someone who needs a less formal briefcase.




The Briefcase

Easily held and maneuvered, a briefcase can usually carry slightly less than a messenger bag. It is the most formal of bag options and can be made of leather, plastic, metal and many other materials. A man’s briefcase tells you quite a bit about his personality.


The Bowling bag

A larger, hand held bag usually made of a cloth or plastic textile a bowling bag is large enough to carry a bowling ball. These are often used as a messenger bag would be, or they can be employed as a more formal gym bag.


The Coin purse

A small bag used to carry a wallet (or just change), a coin purse has become a popular option for men who need a bag, but want it small. They are often lost, so be wary if this option appeals to you.


The Plastic bag

The option for a man who cannot commit to an actual bag, the plastic bag is never the trendiest option. However, we applaud the recycling.