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Kegerator Residential Beverage Drafting At It’s Best

There is truly no better way to serve your guest than through a kegerator, which is basically a cooler / refrigerator with some special accessories. You may be into homemade homebrew making or marvel over the taste of guiness, heineken, or the nostalgia of the 40’s you drank in college. Regardless, when you have a portable tap fridge dispenser next your your fridge, it’ll put a smile on your face for sure.

Cleaning Kegerators

Most people recomend cleaning their kegerator in the same way you would a freezer and a draft. Using hot water and a washcloth typically works best we believe. The trays can typically be washed in the dishwasher depending on their size. A small tray obviously can be without a problem. Full instructions or recomendations found in a diy brew forum could also be followed.

Mini Kegerator

There are mini home kegerators with handles that can handle guinness, sam adams or any other beer your looking to buy. A built frigidaire double kegerator probably isn’t your best bet if you’re looking for a cheap option at a discount. If you want the options of a better dual drip keg cooler, you may want to build your own. If you are building your own you also get the ability to have it include a chest, co2 tank (Gets the air situated) and any other equipment that you’re looking to include.

Beer Kegerator Prices – Kegerator Parts

Sales and reviews of refrgerated beer taps go from $300 – $3,000. If you’re looking at how to make one for under $300 where you’ll still have the benefits of a commercial unit, you’ll want to find some kits, which can be used indoors or outdoor. Review your options on Amazon or another site and find what you want in terms of electrics. You can also visit home depot and review pricing there.

Kegerator Kit Refrigerators – Kegerator Conversion Kit – Home Depot

Supplies and parts included in beer fridges can include a CO2 Tank, Regulator, Coupler, Beer and Air Line, the Tap, a tower, drip tray, faucet and faucet handle. One of the models is a bd6000 and brands that make them include edgestar, haier, perlick, pony, sanyo, sbc, summit and more. You can also get kegerator conversions kits at home depot that will convert your system to a fully operational kegerator. It is true that the price can vary greatly.

Used Kegerator Systems – Kegerator For Sale

I had a buddy who had an Avanti used kengerator under his counter. There are a lot of place you can find a good used kegerator including, or Tons of other sites are around, too, but don’t forget about the costs that you may not actually think about. Shipping, for example can be a huge concern, where if you purchase something through amazon, you may actually get free shipping. Also, many keerators may not have all that you need to operate it, so you have to think about all these things when looking to buy used.

Danby Kegerator

Danby makes a few kegerators, and they range in prices from $259 – $599. You can find them here.