Have you ever looked at a list of current job vacancies and wished that there was something completely different available?

In that case, perhaps what you need is one of these old timey jobs that no longer exist. Which one of these can you image making a career out of?

Knocker Upper

The Jobs That No Longer Exist and Knocker Upper

This is the ideal job for an early riser with a slightly sadistic streak. You see, a knocker upper would walk round the streets waking people up to go to work. You could do this by tapping on their windows with a long stick. Alternatively, you could add even more spice to this job by shooting peas at the window. Your customers would be sure to love hearing you arrive every morning.

Leech Collector

The Jobs That No Longer Exist and Leech Collector

Millions of leeches used to be needed by doctors all over the world. These horrible little critters were in great demand, especially in the 19th century. Buy how did the doctors get their leeches in the first place? With the help of leech collectors, of course. These brave but badly paid people would attract leeches in bogs and marshes by using animal legs. It doesn`t sound very glamorous but if you want to do your bit for medicine and work in the fresh air then feel free to go collect some leeches.

Chimney Sweep

The Jobs That No Longer Exist and Chimney Sweep

Apparently some people still work as chimney sweeps, just as there probably some dudes somewhere who still collect leeches. However, as a valid career option it isn`t really all that great, is it? The idea of working all day covered in soot and in dangerous conditions isn`t very enticing but the singing and dancing routines looked pretty cool. Maybe you could look online for dancing chimney sweep positions. Having a terrible Cockney accent might help.

Ice Cutter

The Jobs That No Longer Exist and Ice Cutter

If you have been subjected to the film Frozen as often as I have been then you are probably as dangerously mentally unbalanced as I feel just now. There is only so much singing about building snowmen normal homo sapiens can cope with. However, the one shining light from the whole movie is that more people know about the culturally enriching old timey career that was ice collecting.  As with chimney sweeping, singing while you work is a very good option for making your day go quicker. 

Log Driver

The Jobs That No Longer Exist and Log Driver

As crazy as it sounds, back in the old days we didn`t have tablets, Wi-Fi hotspots or numerous different kinds of cheese. Hell, we didn`t even have gormless heroes like Bieber, Kardashian and Cyrus to soften up our brains day in and day out. What we did have were logs. Lots and lots of flipping big logs. The problem is that they were all in the wrong places. This is why we needed log drivers to take said logs from log-filled areas to log-free zones. Ah, what it was like to live in a simpler age where everything was better. Except the cheese.

Factory Lector

The Jobs That No Longer Exist and Factory Lector

This is one of those genius ideas that need to make a comeback soon. A lector is a person who would read stories to factory workers to keep them entertained and add some culture to their days. Apparently it was most common in cigar rolling factories. Do people still roll cigars or is that another job we need to start up again?