The right car modifications can make your vehicle perform better and look more exciting as well as ensure that people of all known sexual persuasions find you utterly irresistible. Sadly, these tragic car modifications don’t do anything other than make the owners look a bit silly.

The Multiple Exhaust Option

Tragic Car Modifications

If we are being generous we could say that this probably looked like a good idea on paper. Just think of the racket this awful car would make when the engine revves.

The Cardboard Car

Crazy Car Modifications

Cardboard is a really fantastic material, isn’t it? It is incredibly useful for a range of things, such as packing things and sending off gifts to your family and friends. However, I feel that its usefulness in the car modification industry is strictly limited. This car might look good from a distance. Let’s say 5 miles. Any closer than that and you can see that some guy has just stuck bits of cardboard onto it for no real reason.

The Lowered Car

Tragic Car Modifications

I love the optimistic For Sale sign written on the windshield of this tragically modified car. Can you imagine seeing this piece of nonsense and being tempted to pay real money for it? No, neither can I. I just don’t know where to start with the list of defects, if I’m being honest. The hilarious attempt at lowering it, the completely mismatched door and the basket type thing on top are all just incredible.

The Colourful Car

Crazy Car Modifications

What do you think is the weirdest thing about this car? It’s the blooming colour, isn’t it? They have only gone and used just about every single bit of the rainbow to make a truly horrendous car. Ah, but if you just agreed with me you’d be wrong, though. As wonderfully disgusting as the colour scheme is, there is an even more tragic car modification on show here. Here’s a clue; look at the wheels. They’re freaking teddy bears, dude.

Another Cardboard Car

Tragic Car Modifications

This is even worse than the last cardboard car we looked at. I can’t believe that you could drive this motoring abomination for more than 5 minutes without the cardboard modifications getting hopelessly crushed or falling off. Which would be a good thing really.

The Bad Car Spoiler

Tragic Car Modifications

Car spoilers are a tricky business are they not, my modification loving friend? Get it right and your car looks super sporty and you are the toast of the town. Get it horribly, horribly wrong and you become a laughing stock. I have no idea what the owner of this car was trying to do.

Another Bad Car Spoiler

bad car modifications

The world is filled with really bad car spoilers. This is one of those sad but inescapable truths which creep up on us over the years. This one is just so bad that I simply can’t imagine a human being looking at it and going, “Yup, that’s my baby all set to rock now”.

Yet Another Cardboard Car

Car Modification Fail

Ok, so this guy takes the biscuit in the cardboard car stakes. It looks like he just coated his vehicle in superglue and then threw every bit of cardboard he could find at it without looking. Aerodynamic it isn’t. It’s even got little pretend cannons for some reason.