Editor’s Note: Since we at ManCertified are always looking for new and unique content that fits our genre, we recently were turned onto a new TV Show called The Man Card Crew. So we reached out to Jesse Nunez, the creator and host of the show, and asked for a quick breakdown of the show. He also gave us a quick description of the premiere project. The following is what Jesse had to say. Check it out.

The Man Card Crew (www.mancardcrew.com) was created to add man content to the popular home improvement genre of TV programming. While we know there are other (Man Type) home improvement shows out there, ours is a bit different. We do not claim to be leading designers in the world of home design, we are not saving the world one over-built home at a time and we are not professional athletes or celebrities. We are normal guys and professional contractors who know what kind of rooms men would love to have in their home. We also recognize that although the room is designed and built with the man of the house in mind, it also has to be inviting for women. The truth is women are attracted to men who act like men, and a man room does just the trick.

The Man Card Crew is comprised of professional contractors, who bring their expertise to our projects. We like to describe our show as a mix of This Old House and West Coast Customs. We also are proud to say we are in the business of supporting local business by promoting local contractors and highlighting their services during our show. Unlike other shows we will share the budget and time line along with contractor contact information. We also feature cool products that fit perfectly into a man room. If you visit our website store page you will find some of those products for sale.

In the premiere project “The Poker Garage” we convert a normal 2 ½ car garage into a poker room. By using a structure that was already constructed and attached to the house we were able to save money and convert a space that was being used as a garage and storage area into a room that is worthy of both a high stakes poker game and the finest sports car. The dual use room design not only added value and entertainment space to the home but made the space multi-functional. The project is sponsored by River Oaks Ford, a local Ford dealership so the room has a Ford Mustang feel to it. It also has a custom poker table, built by using the Man Card Crew custom poker table kit (available on our store page). It also features custom bar stools, a bar built out of the hood of an old truck, a skyline mural, discrete storage units, a pro grade floor coating and much more.

The show is set to air on Comcast Sportsnet Chicago late this summer. We will also post it for on demand viewing on our website after the initial air dates. If you would like to apply to have The Man Card Crew build your man room, feel free to apply on our website. If you are building your own room and need ideas and products, check out our store page. We hope to hear from you soon!

Jesse Nunez: (Creator and Host of The Man Card Crew)

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