by Elliot Zovighian

Ten years ago, I sat in a relationship counselor‘s office, and the advice he gave us was, “have more sex!” After the smirks, I let those words sink in. If we wanted to be happier, argue less, and become closer… have more sex. Interesting thought, let us take a closer look.

Couples that play together, stay together. Nothing builds low self-worth faster than not being attractive and desired by your partner. People that engage in infidelity, and emotional affairs are really acting out larger issues in their relationship, but that is another conversation. Making time to make love, and be intimate, bonds and creates unity. It can help alleviate jealousy, and build trust. You are sharing yourself in every way, and that is a beautiful thing.

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Break loose from the ordinary, and get kinky already! Let me set the scene, you have been married for ten years. Sex has become boring and laborious. Almost like an obligation. If there is one person who you should feel comfortable, sharing all your desires with it should be your spouse or significant other. Go rent a chalet somewhere, or a hotel for an evening, leave the kids at home, and go get your freak on! Be each other’s private adult star, and rekindle the electricity that brought you together in the first place.

Great sex is in the giving, not the receiving. I think most people will agree that the best lovers are the best listeners, most attentive, generous, patient, and thoughtful. Instead of focusing on what you are, or are not getting, only takes away the true potential of achieving that sexual nirvana you so desire. If both partners are equally committed to pleasing each other, it would be pretty darn hard to have bad sex don’t you think? Listen to what pleases your partner and what they desire. Then take the time to learn and make all of those fantasies come true.

Sex is good for the soul. After having an orgasm, endorphins are released, and a calm euphoria will come over you. Sex is great for cardiovascular exercise. Just think of how good you feel after having great sex. You feel confident, and vibrant. Your happiness radiates from you. Your “glow” is noticed by friends and co-workers alike. It liberates the mind and soothes our insecurities. Feeling down lately, why don’t you get a little TLC from your partner? Or why not make them feel better by giving them some special attention. Everyone loves a little tender loving care!

Sex is a very important component to every relationship. Happy couples enjoy their intimacy and sex life in loving, binding, and exciting ways. Do not neglect your needs, or those of your partner. It is hard to argue when you are having sex. It is hard to be angry when you are having intimate relations. Enjoy life, it is the only one you have. Love the one you are with!


Elliot Zovighian is a life coach, speaker, author, blogger is the owner of EZ Lifestyles, a life coaching company from Toronto, Canada. His daily blog offers articles and advice on such subjects as life skills, work and career, relationships, parenting, featured videos and more.

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