If you have ever seen a foreign version of a movie that was originally in English then you have may have already discovered the delights of funny movie title translations.

If you haven’t then here are some of the finest ones for you to enjoy.

Pretty Woman – I Will Marry a Prostitute to Save Money (China)

Pretty Woman and Funniest Movie Name Translations

Can you imagine how weird the world would be if the Roy Orbison song had been called by the Chinese version of this title? It would certainly have been pretty tough for The Big O to cram it all into the chorus but at least it is painfully honest.

As Good as it Gets – Mr. Cat Poop (China)

Funniest Movie Name Translations

Why hasn’t someone brought out a film in English called Mr Cat Poop? It could be about the worst superhero ever and his sidekick, Pigeon Droppings Boy. I would go and watch it even if no one else did.

Girl, Interrupted – 17-Year Old Girl’s Medical Chart (Japan)

Girl, Interrupted and Funniest Movie Name Translations

Naming your movie after a medical chart is a guaranteed way to get film fans desperate to see the gripping action in store. 

The Sixth Sense – He’s a Ghost! (China)

The Sixth Sense and Funniest Movie Name Translations

We’re back to China for a movie title translation with a built-in spoiler. At least none of the Chinese movie goers got a nasty surprise when they found out the film’s twist at the end.

Airplane! – The Unbelievable Trip in a Wacky Airplane (Germany)

Airplane! and Funniest Movie Name Translations

I still have the occasional secret chuckle to myself when I picture some of the best scenes from this comedy classic. In fact, I have to confess that even today – in the year 2014 – I still use the old “drinking problem” line from time to time. That’s how unbelievably wacky I am.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – The Boy Who Drowned in Chocolate Sauce (Denmark)

Funniest Movie Name Translations

This is probably the first of our funny movie name translations that is actually miles better than the original. Wouldn’t you be tempted to go and see a film about a boy drowning in chocolate sauce more than one about a silly old chocolate factory?

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me – Austin Powers: The Spy Who Behaved Very Nicely Around Me (Malaysia)

Funniest Movie Name Translations

This is another fantastic foreign movie title. Quite how shagged got translated into behaved very nicely is anyone’s guess, though.

Dragnet – Floppy Coppers Don’t Bite (Germany)

Dragnet and Funniest Movie Name Translations

This film about non-biting floppy coppers has a very enticing name in German. Why don’t we get titles like this in the original versions of our movies?

You Only Live Twice – 007 Dies Twice (Japan)

Funniest Movie Name Translations

The Japanese got a wonderfully specific title for this James Bond film.

Risky Business: Just Send Him to University Unqualified (China)

Risky Business and Funniest Movie Name Translations

The Chinese pulled off another unbelievably good movie title translation with this one. It also doubles as a sound piece of advice for parents overly concerned about their feckless teenage kids.

Annie Hall: The Urban Neurotic (Germany)

Annie Hall and Funniest Movie Name Translations

The Urban Neurotic is a great name for a band but maybe not so brilliant for a film. Of course, Annie Hall was an urban neurotic so this one is just a bit too literal rather than wildly inaccurate.

The Horse Whisperer – Held by Wind in Montana (China)

funny movie name translations

If you have ever had the misfortune of being held by wind in Montana then you will realize that it is an excellent subject for a movie. It’s certainly much better than someone whispering to a horse for a couple of hours.

Knocked Up One Night, Big Belly (China)

Funny Movie Name Translations

The Chinese has pretty much proved themselves to be the masters of movie title translations, haven’t they? This one is far better than the English original.