The casual flash game has become a favorite on the web as it is a form of entertainment that does not require committing a lot of time or spending money; you just sit back, relax and play games. There are many of these games available already and it seems like more a being added every day. Here are a few sites the have some really great games and some even have them available as downloads as well.

RuneScape is works like a multiplayer RPG (role playing game) but it works in a Java enabled web browser as well and it is free. This flash game graphics are a little primitive but that has not kept it from becoming extremely popular.

Gumshoe Online allows you to play games where you are the detective and you find the guilty party and then put together an airtight case to put them away. The key to success is to solve puzzles, uncover clues and interview suspects; there are enough different items and locations to keep you busy for quite some time.

Whizzball is similar to the game Mousetrap and is a good example of just how non-violent, yet still innovative a flash game can be. You have to use several different gutters, gizmos and gadgets in order to guide the ball to a target. Not only can you solve the existing puzzles you can create new ones for other players to solve.

Samorost is an interesting point and click type flash game where the idea is to find all of the items that are clickable and then be able to click them in the right order to get to your next level. It sounds easy but if you like to play games with a little thought involved you will really enjoy this one.

Sunday League can be a rather addictive flash game that gives you your own soccer team who will then play against teams that have been created by other different players. There is quite a bit of detail with this game and it actually has a sense of humor.

Bejeweled 2 deluxe is another great one if you like to play games that are similar to the classic type of matching games, it is easy to learn and can be quite addictive. This particular version of the flash game has different modes and even a puzzle mode that requires more thought as you make it to the higher levels.