The Internet is a treasure trove for kids games, everything from arcade games to solitaire to different types of mystery games. They can play an online game by themselves or with others; most of them do not even require being installed on the computer.

There are many kids games that are great for younger kids instead of teenagers who are normally more interested in complicated actions and games. Many of these that are intended for younger children not only allow them to have a good time they may also be learning; of course, they do not have to know that. Here is a list of some of the online game sites that kids can enjoy: Games Online uses a great tie-in to their programming at Nickelodeon it is easy to find different games to suit each childs age level. Simply help them choose a game or two to get started then stand back and watch the fun.

Highlights Kids Hidden Pictures has always been a classic part at the back of the magazine that kids thoroughly enjoy. Now they can enjoy the online game or even click on their menu in the hidden pictures area and you can get a printable version for them to play later. Kids Games Online is another great site where they can find music, interactive games and of course different fashion games as well. While it is mainly aimed at girls the boys may have fun in the Let’s Make Music area.

Pauly’s Playhouse Kids games is an easy and colorful site that is great for the younger elementary school age kids. They load quickly and often times the online game throws in a little extra learning as well. has some really cute and funny games that have great graphics and lots of learning. There is an exceptionally good online game for them called Between the Lions that is sure to have them smiling and laughing. Kids games has the Goosebumps area where the kids can play an arcade style online game called Slime Slinger where they get to shoot slime at all of the monsters.

The above list is only a start there are many different sites that offer games for kids and the best strategy to use is to look for the games that are right for your particular child’s abilities and interests.