It might not be the manliest discussion, but it is a conversation we all must have – sometimes we have to count calories. Whether we are working off the winter tire or working toward our summer cut, what we consume is the ultimate equalizer of our fitness results. Most nutritionists will say (and they are right) to get rid of the extras first – especially alcohol. Booze can put your calorie consumption through the roof. (For the most part, it is the mixers fault.)

Stop stressing and know your options. Sure, there are light beers and the fake skinny mixers, but there are “real” drinks as well. For starters, check out these ten drinks all under 150 calories!


VODKA SODA – 65-75 Calories

The obvious choice. We recommend a twist of lime for some flavor. A vodka soda is not the tastiest of drinks, but it is slimming at only about 65-75 calories (depending on the vodka used).

shutterstock_132002777GIN AND TONIC – 150 Calories

A classic and a bar can not really mess it up. Opt for diet tonic water if that is an option. Regular tonic water can run up the calories.

Alcoholic drinks

CHAMPAGNE – 85 Calories

Classy and slimming, champagne is delicious and not too terrible for you. Be careful though. It is easy to say you are going to have a glass and find yourself downing a bottle.

Alcoholic drinks

MARTINI – 150 Calories

The ultimate classic drink. You will look cool, sophisticated and in shape as you slink over to the bar and order one. Move over, James Bond.

Alcoholic drinks


If you love your booze and can appreciate the wonder and nuance of nice scotch, drink that! It is super low in calories and high in class. Get it neat or add a little water or soda. The other benefit of scotch is that you drink it slow and appreciate it – another quality that helps when you are cutting back.

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BLOODY MARY – 118 Calories

Vegetables are good for you, so vegetables and vodka (the lowest calorie hard liquor) bust be excellent for you as well. At just about 118 calories, you can finally have a guilt free brunch (perhaps after a guilty night).

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RUM AND DIET – 100 Calories

Though it is smart to sometimes avoid diet soft drinks, a rum and diet – at only 100 calories – does not taste too different from the original full calorie drink. This one might be worth it.

Alcoholic drinks

GIMLET– 90 Calories

Refreshing and solely relying on lime juice as a mixer, gimlets are fantastic, diet-friendly treats. Opt for gin or vodka and enjoy a drink less than a 100-calorie pack.

Alcoholic drinks

OLD-FASHIONED – 150 Calories

The manliest man drink, an old-fashioned was good enough for your grandpa so it should be good enough for you. And at 150 calories, it is good enough for your trainer.


SAKE – 150 Calories

Sure, it comes in a smaller pours, but sake is satisfying and delicious. This rice wine is not the kind of drink you pound. Like scotch, it is a sipping experience which also helps with the waistline.

Happy drinking! And enjoy those abs! CHEERS!!