Have you ever turned up your nose at a bit of cold pizza or a sandwich which fell to the floor and now has dog hairs on it? Maybe you said something like, “That’s disgusting”. Those things aren’t disgusting. If you want truly horrible, stomach turningly disgusting food and drink then you will find that there is plenty to choose from in the world.


Disgusting Food - Balut

Ah, our old friend balut; the king of uneatable foods and the undisputed champion of vomit inducing snacks. What we have here is an egg. A duck egg, to be precise. Ok, if you want more details it is a fertilised duck egg. An embryo really. Fine, I’ll give it to you straight; when you slurp down some balut you eat a tiny little unborn duck; crunchy bones, miniature beak and all. Happy now? This utterly disgusting food is popular all over Asia for some reason.

Baby Mice Wine

Disgusting Food and Drink and Baby Mice Wine

Wine is a tasty drink and it is good for you too. What’s not to like? Why, the dead baby mice, of course. Not happy with boring ingredients like grapes and stuff, the Chinese came up with a more intriguing idea. They throw baby mice into the wine and let the whole vile shooting match ferment. It is supposedly a health tonic. If throwing up and then not being able to eat food for a week is healthy then yeah, it probably works a treat.

Bat Soup

Bat Soup and Disgusting Foods and Drinks

Have you ever seen a bat flapping its bony, leathery wings and looking at you with its horribly pointed, rodent like face? Did you think, “Hmm, that looks good enough to eat”? The people of Thailand and Guam do this. They like to make soup out of bats in these places. What does it taste like? What do you blooming well think it tastes like?

Casu Marzu Cheese

Disgusting Food and Drink and Casu Marzu Cheese

Cheese and larvae. Larvae and cheese. Cheesy larvae. No, no matter how hard you try there is simply no way of making these two very different things go together. Unless you are an insane Italian that is. They make a pecorino cheese in Sardinia and then deliberately let it rot. I said, they deliberately let the perfectly good cheese rot. Why would they do such a ridiculously bonkers thing? To let the larvae thrive, of course. What? These people deliberately (there’s that scary word again) infest their dairy products with the larvae of a fly which aids the decomposition and turns it into disguising food.

A Sheep’s Head

A Sheep’s Head and Disgusting Food and Drink

If you want to eat the meat from a sheep then that is fair enough. Personally, I don’t like the taste but, hey, we all have our own opinions. However, most people would draw the line there. Not the outrageous people from Iceland, though. They go and slap a boiled sheep’s head on a plate and call it a meal. I love the little scoops of potato and turnip to make it look like normal food rather than the prime exhibit from a particularly gruesome ovine crime scene. A bit of ketchup on the eye and the kids will wolf it down.

Guinea Pigs

Disgusting Food and Drink and Guinea Pigs

If you like disgusting food and hate cute animals go to Peru or Ecuador. Here, you will find little tasty treats skewered in restaurants and ready to cook. Cuy, they will say. Guinea pigs, you will shriek.