If you are like many people you have dreamed of making online money, starting your own online business that will give you the opportunity to be successful and the opportunity to work from your own home.

But just like all businesses, creating an online business requires you to put in quite a bit of effort and planning. Naturally in order to be successful you need to figure out what you are going to sell, obviously it will be some kind of service or product, but what kind of business model are you going to utilize in order to get customers to purchase what you are selling? To follow are some different online business models that will get you up and making online money in no time.

The first one is one that many online businesses make use of and that is the ecommerce site which is designed to make money by selling different products by use of a catalogue and shopping cart online. You have the option of setting up your own “store” from start to finish or you can use one of those complete stores that are offered as an online business from sites such as osCommerce or eBay’s ProStores.

Another business online money maker is the eBay auction style model which is a little variation of the first example; however, rather than using the ecommerce online business site to make your money you will utilize someone else’s. This means that you sell online by using the auction system at eBay which is very useful for those just starting out with online businesses as it is a way of just testing your product to see what type of demand there is for what you want to sell. If you feel that things are going well you can always move up to creating your own online business.

Utilizing a blog is another way of creating an online business; while many people just use them to write down different thoughts they can be cheaply and easily used to advertise your various businesses. In order to promote your blog you should run advertisements on different blog pages such as Google’s AdSense, AdGenta, Text Link Ads and BlogAds.

Naturally you do not have to have just one business model you can incorporate several models to suit your particular needs. And, you can also choose to have many different online business sites using different models but all selling the same service or product each one sending traffic to the other site.