Craig Foster

If you like Ink or art- or both- and you haven’t checked out Ink Master on SpikeTV, you’re missing out. The show is up to Season 3, and the competition is just heating up with all the weakest tattooers going home already. That being said, there really is no competition. Craig Foster has absolutely been cleaning up every challenge. The judges don’t even know what to say to him, except preach to the rest of the group that this how a tattoo should be done. He’ll probably get his own show like Tommy Helm from Season 1( Tattoo Nightmares- airs right after Ink Master on Tuesday Nights!). His Celtic Elephant Tattoo from last week was fantastic, and I guess the only reason he didn’t win was you can’t win every competition Craig! Check out some of his work below, we’ll be featuring some of the better tattoos from Ink Master as the season rolls on.

Craig Foster Tattoo Foxxx DSCN3031