If you have already got to the stage of wistfully counting the number of stray hairs on your comb then you are on the well-trodden road to baldness. Let’s not fight it, though. Let’s embrace baldness and use it to find cool ways of making our heads look better.

What Not To Do – The Comb Over 

Ways to hide baldness

First off, we need to talk about some home truths before we look at anything cool; comb overs are not good or clever. The simple fact is that everything already knows this. When you look at someone with a horrendous comb over you know instinctively that it is the worst thing ever. Yet, some mysterious male chromosome makes us attempt this weird hairstyle at some point in our lives anyway. Let it go, dude. The hair is gone and trying to drag bits from elsewhere is not going to make you happy or attractive.

Get a Tattoo

Ways to hide baldness

Why not think of your newly revealed areas of flesh as a blank canvas? This is an especially good idea if you have run out of places to get tattoos inked on elsewhere on your body. Does getting a tattoo on your bald head hurt? What do you think? Of course it does. This is a brave and interesting way of saying to the world; “I have no hair but I just don’t care. I also wave my hands in the air” You can steal that phrase if you like. Its crap anyway so I don’t mind.

The Hair Tattoo

Ways to hide baldness

You liked the tattoo idea, didn’t you? You just aren’t sure if an image of a dragon or some Chinese writing is right for you at this point in your life. Well, the good news is that there is a second option for slapping a tattoo on your shiny dome. That’s right; you could get fake hair tattooed on. This is a smart solution, although the danger of some stray hairs growing on your head and spoiling the look isn’t to be under-estimated.

Get Some Head Art

Ways to hide baldness

Alright, so you plan to steer clear of the follicle free follies of comb overs, don’t want a dragon on your head and aren’t convinced by a hair tattoo. Jeez, you are one tough bald dude to please. However, the answer could be at hand in terms of some head art. This isn’t the same as a tattoo, as you could use materials that you can rub off. This means that every day you could do something different up there. Hey, your head would be like a travelling art gallery with ears. 

Put Some Jewels On It

Ways to Hide Baldness

What do you think of this guy’s dome? Pretty good, eh? Getting some jewels put on your head is an option not to be sneezed at. It could be expensive – and presumably painful – but you will stand out from the crowd forever. The one doubt I have is around how you would carry on shaving your head. Still, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Use a Hat

Ways to hide baldness

I’m not suggesting that you use the hat in this photo. In fact, I can recommend staying well clear of it. However, a classy hat could be just what you need. 

Be Proud and Don’t Hide It At All

Ways to hide baldness

Having looked at the options maybe you will decide to join Ming the Merciless, Yul Brynner, Bruce Willis and countless other men in being proud of their baldness. Let the world see that you are comfortable with a shiny cranium and you will feel good about yourself.