COMING SOON, exclusively to Man Certified, is an interesting and informative new advice column written just for men, but from a woman’s point of view that truly is man certified.

The new column, called “Help Me, Rhonda!”, is going to be a fresh and lively column that men of all walks of life will want to read regularly, because the things that Rhonda will discuss are applicable to all men, in all stages of their life.

Some of the topics that Rhonda will address in the coming weeks are:

  • What features of a man do women look at first?
  • What habits of men annoy women the most?
  • Is she more successful than you?
  • Do’s and Dont’s of Fashion: A First Impression
  • Where not to take a woman on a first date.

These topics barely scratch the surface of what Rhonda wants to talk to you about.  Be sure to check out her new column, debuting soon, right here at Man Certified!

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