Vegetarians are like weeds – they pop up everywhere. (Also, they eat weeds, right?) As new information about dieting and farming circulates, people make decisions. Don’t judge. (Hey carnivores! More meat for us!) Still, the difficulty might emerge when you need to dine together. The following are the best (and worst) cuisine to try when you dine with a vegetarian





Middle Eastern

Lamb, fish and beef will make many carnivores thrilled, but Middle Eastern food usually has a ton of options for the herbivores. Couscous, veggies, falafel, beans and many other dishes are veggie-friendly and yummy for everyone.



Perhaps a bit carb-heavy for the vegetarians, a great deal of Italian food can be made vegetarian. Pasta, cheese (if dairy is an option) and risotto are filling and satisfying – and seriously, who DOESN’T like Italian food?



A Mexican dish without the meat is still heavy and satisfying, thanks to the beans, rice, corn, tortillas and veggies prominent in the cuisine. Guacamole, one of the most perfect foods ever created, is usually vegan – so vegans can’t be all bad, can they?



Some Indian food is entirely vegetarian and incredibly satisfying. Meat eaters and vegetarians alike can eat the same food and feel satiated by the multi-layered curries, biryanis and paneers.



Though fish plays an important part of Spanish cuisine (great for pescatarians), Spanish cuisine can usually be altered slightly to accommodate a veg. Tapas also is a great option to vary your food be make sure that both vegetarians and carnivores leave happy and uncompromised.




If the vegetarian does not eat fish, many Japanese cuisines will be tricky for vegetarians. Granted, there are specialty Japanese cuisines (like shojin) that are entirely vegetarian; however, the average Japanese (or sushi) place will often limit the vegetarian to mediocre sushi or tempura.



Most steakhouses have an obligatory option for vegetarians – a plate of sautéed or grilled vegetables and some potatoes. It is not a satisfying meal. Be respectful of your vegetarian friend and avoid a steak place.



The inventors of the churrascaria, Brazilian food is meat-focused and meat-limited. Eat it whenever you can, but not when you have a herbivore with you.



The pinnacle of sophisticated cuisine, many high end French restaurants will accommodate vegetarians, but many more will not adjust their recipes. French cuisine does not hold back on its ingredients and while some vegetarians will be fine, vegans will especially find the cuisine problematic.



Brits love their bangers, their pudding, their haggis, their spotted dick, their shepherds pie and their corned beef – none of which is vegetarian. Sure, potatoes are prevalent, but they will not make much of a meal for a vegetarian.