What exactly makes a man a good father? Many experts tell us that there are several traits that indicate a man is a good dad; read on to find out if you fit the bill:

A fair disciplinarian is first on most lists; they love their children but are not going to let them get away with major transgressions. While they will disapprove of these misdeeds and are not above using tough love, they do so with their words rather than their hands.

Next is allowing the children to make some mistakes; after all they are only human and a good father realizes this and knows that making these mistakes is a part of maturing and growing. There are certain things that just seem to be a rite of passage, however, a good father also lets the child know that repeated irresponsible acts will not be tolerated.

Open mindedness is the next trait of a good father which means that he knows that everything from people to tastes and standards changes over time and with that in mind will not try to set up some standard from their own time. This may include realizing that things like body piercings are more acceptable now or even that people talk more openly about personal situations or issues; whatever the case a good dad lets his child be part of their own day and age.

Next on the list is spending quality time with the kids; a good father knows ways to have fun with their children whether it is taking them to the movies, going to sporting events or attending their own functions. A good dad takes time to listen and knows how to have an easy conversation with them based on their level of understanding.

Perhaps one of the most important traits is leading by example; forget the old “do as I say not as I do” philosophy. If you do not want your kids to drink heavily or to smoke then you should not do those things and you should teach them to handle conflict by being both reasonable and firm. In other words be sure to live the values that you want your children to have.

A good father does everything within his power to give all the tools that he possess in order for his child to become a better person.