topsuperheroThere are battles and there are epic battles. Battles are two opposing forces, of varying skill and strength, clashing until a winner emerges. In the epic battles, the strongest forces in the world clash so hard and with such power and fortitude that the battle rages on and a winner does not immediately emerge.

You would expect a movie pinning Batman versus Superman to be epic. Probably the two most omnipresent heroes in the superhero canon, their stories are deeply engrained in our culture. We feel like we know them – their quirks, flaws and strengths.

And we take sides. It seems everyone has an opinion on which is stronger and why, and the opinions vary greatly. No matter what you thought of the most recent reincarnation of these characters on film, let us make a case for both.


A Case For Superman

  • He is not entirely human and his powers are beyond the abilities of any one human. He is “super”.
  • He can easily portray a human so unlike himself. (Props to his acting chops!)
  • He can fly.
  • He could destroy humanity but has devoted himself to good.
  • He can shoot lasers out of his eyes.
  • He is incredibly and unnaturally strong.


The Case Against Superman

  • His human persona is kind of a square.
  • He is awkward with the ladies.
  • He is undone by one little element.
  • His reliance on his powers make him less innovative.
  • He cannot entirely relate to being human, and is constantly misunderstood.


The Case for Batman

  • He has both a Batcave and a Batmobile.
  • He is wealthy – and what is more powerful than money?
  • He is human but goes toe-to-toe with meta-humans.
  • His superhero-hood is apparent despite a lack of supernatural powers. His powers are his ingenuity and steadfast commitment to fighting the bad guys.
  • He continually kicks ass, as a pure fighter.


A Case Against Batman

  • He has more of an ego (Some see this as a strength.)
  • He is more easily seduced.
  • He is a simple human.
  • He chooses to live almost hermit-like.
  • He is a gloomy Gus.
  • He has based his whole hero mentality on enacting revenge.


If you prefer Superman…

  • You tend to be someone who values special talents and unique skills.
  • You tend to be an optimistic and more of a romantic.
  • You are confident and more of an extrovert.
  • You like words, action stories and plot-driven shows.
  • You like flashy clothes.

If you prefer Batman…

  • You are more internal, introverted and passive.
  • You recognize that we all have powers inside.
  • You value personal individuality.
  • You like character-based narratives.
  • You think personal convictions make the man.
  • You like flashy cars.