If you would like to increase your living space a basement renovation may be the best way to do it and a basement remodel project can usually be done with a minimum amount of expenditures. This is an exceptional way to add space since it utilizes an area that is there already; it can be used for rec rooms, additional bedrooms, a family room or any other number of uses.

All basement construction and remodeling should start with the floor; newer homes that have basements are normally constructed from a concrete block or poured foundation that is on footings and then a concrete floor. These homes usually have a good drainage system that helps keep water away from the structure itself which minimizes the chance of moisture problems. Since an older home may have been built on a dirt floor basement foundation a basement renovation in an older house may have to include constructing a new concrete floor. This can be a major job and unless you have the experience it is a good idea to hire a reliable contractor to do this for you.

As an alternative to constructing a cement slab for your basement remodel job is to install a subfloor made of wood over the existing concrete after uneven areas have been leveled. However, it is not a good idea to use this method if you think that moisture could be a possibility as the pockets that are between the concrete and the wood floor may become inaccessible areas for mildew and mold to form, causing possible odor and health problems once the basement construction is completed. If water were to seep into your basement the whole wood floor would then need to be taken out in order for the area to dry effectively.

You do have other options when it comes to flooring for your basement renovation; if the concrete is just uneven or cracked you can use a floor leveling compound and then cover it with carpet or some kind of laminate. If you already know that the area is prone to moisture then consider gluing carpet directly to floor during the basement remodel; this way if there is water damage it can be cleaned and the carpet can be left where it is to dry which minimizes the cost of water damage restoration if necessary.