Are you ready? 645 sessions in 26 sports beginning on July 27, 2012 through August 12, 2012 in London.  Of course with tickets starting at about 2,000 Euro (about $2500.00 USD) it is a bit pricey, but imagine if money were no object, what would be the best Olympic Days to enjoy? Here are some of the more interesting days ranked from least to most popular:

Friday, July 27th

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Saturday, August 11th

Many times football does not hold a lot of interest at the Olympics, will all of the individual organizations trying to get together to form one team; but this time it may just produce a little glory for our nation’s sport. Also on this day will be the gold medal match in men’s hockey.

Friday, August 10th

For some the Olympics is about learning you actually like archery or table tennis as much as it is about seeing your favorite events or big name sports stars. So, why not check out the BMX finals; a sport that made its exciting debut during the Beijing games. You can also check out women’s hockey and Taekwondo.

Saturday, August 4th

Jessica Ennis, the poster girl of the Olympic Games, has quite a bit on her shoulders as she heads into the Heptathlon (a multi-disciplined event). It begins on Friday and concludes Saturday night at the athletics stadium.

Sunday, August 5th

Ok, most polls have this listed as the most important day, the day of the Men’s 100m. It is expected that Usain Bolt, (perhaps the fastest man on the planet) will be the biggest draw at the 2012 Olympics; it is also expected to be the priciest and hardest to get of the tickets.

These are just a few of the days worth watching at the upcoming Olympics; if you are lucky enough to go that’s great. Otherwise, mark these dates on your calendar and be sure to be sitting in front of the television with your favorite snacks and beverages at hand.

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