FOOTBALL SEASON IS FINALLY HERE! That means our fantasy leagues are starting up. Hint: Recruit your football team now, and start thinking about your basketball team in a few weeks.

It is certainly fun. And, if you are the type that puts money on it, can actually be lucrative. But how can we truly maximize the fantasy in our fantasy football leagues.

  1. Place smaller wages

If you like a small bet (and can afford and control your gambling), try making smaller bets with friends and/or weekly cashouts for people in lead. It is a fun way to potentially keep the league on their toes and glued to the action.


  1. Attend the games

Some leagues get so distracted by the fantasy, they forget about the real thing. Spend some time with friends and attend the games and watch your points accumulate live. There is so much more to enjoy from the game – maximize the gaming experience!


  1. Make it a family affair.

Explain the rules to your wife, daughter or grandmother and allow them to pick a member of your league. It might be tough to give up the control, but it is always nice to have someone on your team. You will gain a confidante to talk strategy and the winning will be better when you can celebrate with someone.


  1. Assemble the right crew

Rethink how you organize your league, and whether it is the right group of people for you to really have a good time. If you are unsure about some of the personalities, avoid that league. You can ALWAYS find another or create one of your own.


  1. Always make it fun/keep perspective

This is a game about a game. It is the least serious thing you can do. Remember the point is that it should be fun and social. Keep that perspective and avoid getting too competitive or becoming a sore loser.


  1. Trust your instincts.

Of course, you may have to adjust your team (if you can). However, stick to your original impulses and ride them out. Do not spend too much time reviewing stats or entertaining every possible outcome before it happens. (We all know that when you do that the ONE possible outcome you did not imagine will be the one that happens.)


  1. Make it social

Watch the game with your league members. Unpack and talk strategy with your friends. Sports is about bonding, not about spending hours looking at stats online.