Everyone (including us guys) wants to look the best they can: We go to the gym, eat right, shave and get a haircut. Many of us may not be into the most cutting-edge fashion or style, but we all want to look attractive and put together.

Yet many of us continue to opt for clothing that do not serve us well – items that make us look much larger or much skinnier than we actually are. We simply cannot see what other people see.

For those of us afraid you might look bigger or smaller in your clothes, be aware of the following seven reasons that might be happening.


You wear your pants too high/ low.

Pants should be worn around the area just below the belly button. Worn any higher (the old man) will most likely make you look larger in the belly. Worn any lower (the sag) and you might actually look scrawnier. (Note: if you want to look thinner, a sag has the opposite effect. To look your best, wear your pants the way they were designed to be worn.)


Your underwear does not fit correctly.

You might think that tighter underwear is sucking you in, but the roll that pops out over the waistband might be making you look chubbier than you are. Opt for a decent fit (supportive, but comfortable) and a waistband that matches your true measurement.

Also, a baggy undershirt could add an inch or two to your waistline. Be sure the opt for a shirt that fits you well.

Your clothes are too baggy.

No, you should not opt for slim fit if you are uncomfortable in it (or if it does not fit your body), however, most men make the opposite mistake. Opting for pants that are too big (or even worse, a button down shirt that is too big) will make you look uncomfortable and oddly shaped. Do not be afraid to get your favorite clothes tailored, and be sure to try on those button downs before you bring it home. (Packaging, pins and cardboard collars do not always make this easy.)


Your clothes are not the right inseam or cut.

If your pants are too long, too short, or cut a certain way, you may not be doing yourself any favors by wearing them. Jeans, especially, come in many cuts and it is imperative to know which ones work best for you. A relaxed 32 inch waist might fit you well, but slim fit 34 might be too tight. Try on many pairs and get another trusted person’s opinion.


Your belt or suspenders pose a problem.

If your belt is warped and pulling or your suspenders pull your pants too high, you will make it seem like you have a larger belly than you actually do. Replace these items every few years (especially those belts, gentlemen!) and be sure to wear the correctly. (See the section on wearing your pants high/low.)

Your clothes are worn out.

As waistbands fray, and inseams rum out, textiles morph. That awesome shirt that looked great on you two years ago might not look as good. It might be sad to let it go, but know when it is not serving you anymore.


You are lacking confidence.

Clothes are clothes. You wear THEM. If the clothes are wearing you, you will never look your best. Feel good in what you choose to wear, wear it correctly and you will always look good. And studies have shown that smiling makes people look slimmer and in better shape. Own your body and it will be the most attractive it can.