shutterstock_233563201There is hope for us all. Not matter what our struggles were in school, adult success is entirely different. And times are changing, the nerds are taking over! Here are seven that every awkward kid can look at for inspiration!

bill gates

Bill Gates

Not only one of the most affluent men in the world, Gates has changed the way to communicate and greatly affected the way most businesses are run. His Gates Foundation helps fund initiatives in education, health, technology and development.


JJ Abrams

How does a nerdy guy make his way in the most glamorous business in the world? Become a director. Abrams has made a living making millions by capitalizing on hardcore nerd-dom. Having helmed Lost and the resurgence of Star Trek movies, Abrams coup de grace seems to be his place as the heir to George Lucas, by being next in line to direct the much anticipated (and acclaimed) Star Wars franchise.


Mark Zuckerberg

While nerds often are stereotyped as stiff and socially awkward, Zuckerberg helped change the way we socialize entirely. Facebook has changed the world (for good and bad) and has connected millions of people who would never be connected otherwise.


Elon Musk

While most people achieve one huge success, Musk seems to do it over and over. The co-founder and brains behind Paypal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors, Musk is considered to be a modern day Einstein.


George RR Martin

While he might not be on a Sexiest Man Alive list any time too soon, sexy is relative after all. And Martin’s sexy Game of Thrones series has people around the world begging to know what will happen next. With the rise of the popular HBO adaptation Martin has only grown more powerful and every word he writes is high anticipated.


Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Science nerds and regular people alike love this guy for his sharp intelligence, charm and ability to think our small little world. He is reasonable, affable but his diehard passion for science and the cosmos always shines though.


Ira Glass

Ask any hipster, and you will hear a monologue about how cool Ira Glass is. The creator and producer of the widely popular This American Life series, Glass has made podcasts what they have now become. Whip smart and a passionate storyteller, Glass has now won a Peabody and Murrow Award and has been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.