shutterstock_173317079No matter how strong a relationship is, there will be mountains and valleys. That is how relationships work. No one is perfect and functions to make both participants happy at all times.

Take heart knowing that it is something we all face, and get to work! How can you get out of a relationship rut? Try these tips to break the routine.


Take a Trip

It can be a surprise road trip, a day trip camping or the most luxurious vacation ever taken – you choose, but go to something exciting together. Remember that the vacation starts the moment you decide to take it, so spend time together planning, reading up on the place you will be visiting, choosing activities and getting excited. Create a countdown you share with each other each day.


Get Active

Start jogging together. Join a gym. Get outside and get moving. Exercise has an amazing influence on our sex lives and sex drives and, when you do that exercise together, you create a kinship and an understanding of the struggle.


Visit a Sex Shop

Be daring, go to a place that is designed to push you to your limits. Feel free to giggle and be a little uncomfortable, but talk about the things you see, the things that excited you and the things you would want to try. There is nothing unhealthy about a candid discussion about sex. A sex show can be a fun way to start these conversations.


Talk it out

If there are deep-seated reasons why you are in a rut, you must communicate with your partner. Schedule a time to talk, plan out what you want to say, and listen with a sympathetic ear. It might not be the most fun conversation, but it can really bring you closer.


Individualize Time

Allow yourself time to do things for yourselves. Sometimes people in relationships get bogged down in making the relationship happy and forget that they are two individual people who need individual things to make them happy. Allow yourself (and your partner) the time, energy and support they need for their unique goals and desires.


Zero in on a mutual goal

Find a project you can both work toward. It can be saving money, buying a house, gardening, or painting the bathroom – but it should be something you can both achieve together. Remembering what you can accomplish together is an important ingredient to a happy relationship.