It’s a truth so many men have to face – the ultimate point of no return. And many of us never know when or how it will happen. We live in fear. We are petrified it will sneak up behind us when we are least expecting it. Like a ghost in the corner of our vision, we see it. We do a double take. What that it there in the mirror?

What is this demon? This incessant fear? It’s, of course, thinning hair.

The truth is, no matter our age, our background, or our mother’s father, our genes will decide our hairline. You can try the creams, the pills and the drops, but you can only fight nature so long. The shame of it is, so many of us are running from something we should simply be embracing. No need to exorcise this demon. Grab the shears and beat it to the punch.

That’s right, everyone. Shave your head. Stop saying it’s a weird shape. Stop insisting you have more hair than you actually do. Stop fooling yourself. For many of you, if you don’t shave it, nature will.

But how do we know when we have crossed the point of no return? When do we know for sure that it is time to shave our head?

REASON 1: We are sporting the donut.

Guys, listen up: the Mr. Burns look will never serve us. It makes us look older than we are, and is a sure sign that we are delusional about the hair upon our head. If you are sporting this look, it’s clear. Shave all the way.

REASON 2: We can grab the same amount with one finger as we could with a whole fist.

If we are this close to the horseshoe, but have a few extra strands, it’s time to shave. If we are much thinner on top than the sides, we might need to do the same.

(Here’s the test. Place your palm down on the crown of your head.. Can you grab a full fistful of hair? Is it more than you could grab with one or more fingers? If so, don’t worry about shaving. If you could grab the same amount with two fingers, it’s time to face the buzzer. )
REASON 3: We think we can cover up a bald spot by styling.

If we spend ANY time throughout the day positioning our hair to cover a thinning spot, we are fighting a losing battle. Hair should move freely. It blows in the wind and mats when it’s wet. Save yourself the time and stress and shave away!

REASON 4: We don’t want to be bothered.

Let us give ourselves a reprieve from the pomades, gels and chronic haircuts. Pending how close we keep our shave, we can shave anywhere from once a week, to once every tree weeks. The maintenance is reasonable and save some cash. No need for a barber or stylist.
REASON 5: We have never done it.

Frankly, one of the best reasons to shave our head is simply that we have never done it. No matter how thin, hair grows back and in a few weeks we can get back to whatever hair we currently have. However, there is no reason to not try it once. It’s a great way to really get to know our own faces. There are also some great organizations that you can donate long hair for – or, even better, raise a few bucks for. (Check out St. Baldricks!) No matter what, it’s worth a try. The boldest among us are the baldest among us.