Ok, perhaps you are into the really spooky, scary movies and if they take place on Halloween that just makes them even better; if so take a look at this list and rent a few or all of them to enjoy this Halloween:

Dark Night of the Scarecrow

Dark Night of the Scarecrow, released in 1981 is a story of revenge taken from beyond the grave. Bubba is the local mentally challenged guy in this small town who befriends Marylee, a little girl that is attacked by a wild dog. Of course there are those requisite locals who somehow come to the conclusion that Bubba had something to do with it and start hunting him down. They find him hiding and trying to disguise himself as a scarecrow in the field and shoot him; after killing him they find that he really wasn’t to blame and the little girl is just fine. As Halloween nears these locals notice that a scarecrow begins to mysteriously appear somewhere on their property and they begin to suffer rather deadly accidents.

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow , 1999 – while it is not said specifically that it happens on Halloween, when you combine Tim Burtons dry wit with jack-o-lanterns and a headless horseman, it just naturally becomes synonymous with this delicious October holiday.

Satan’s Little Helper

Satan’s Little Helper, released in 2004 depicts a little boy who appears quite delusional as he meets a serial killer one Halloween and thinks that he is a video game character. The boy becomes his little helper with what he thinks is fake deaths but are actually quite real.

Trick ‘r Treat

Trick ‘r Treat 2009; the cool thing about this movie is that not only does it have five great ghost story type mini movies it also delves into many different Halloween mythologies including trick or treating and jack-o-lanterns.


Halloween, released in 1978; what All Hallows Eve would be complete without this movie; the preeminent of the Halloween horror movies? It is the classic child in danger/babysitter theme that seems to just hit right in the middle of our childhood fears that seem to fuel this holiday.